“This is a story that you want to know as little about as possible. There is a episodic cliffhanger but the it does have a conclusion for the conflict of the book. This is a twisty book and I highly recommend it.” – Sarah S.

Adam Exitus

Book One (Adam X 1)

By: Nicholas Abdilla

“Why did they kidnap me? I’m not rich. I don’t have a lot of family to extort. I have certainly not been a police officer long enough to make any enemies. But instead of waking to the incessant ringing of my alarm clock back in my small city apartment, I awoke in the dirt. In the jungle. Naked. What is happening? Where are their demands?” 

Adam Exitus is the first book in the Adam X series, a massive, immersive new universe in the tradition of epic space sagas like Star Wars, Hyperion and Imperial Radch, and inspired by authors like Timothy Zahn, Kevin J. Anderson, James Luceno and Michael Anderle. Filled with mystery, romance and heart-pounding action, it’s will be your best science-fiction read of the year.

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