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4 great ways to get grandparents reading to your kids

Raising children is no easy task, and finding a way to get grandparents reading to your kids can help ease the pressure on you, without holding back their literacy growth. Parents are some of the busiest people on the planet. Scratch that: the busiest! I know what it is like to be a parent. To […]
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How to promote your book at christmas

Christmas is the biggest buying holiday of the year and can lead to many more sales for your book. So how do you tap into everyone’s buying mood? How do you make sure they are picking out your books as gifts for their family and friends? Here's how to promote your book at Christmas. Gifts don’t always […]
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eBooks vs Books – parents should give children’s ebooks a try

In the eBooks vs Books debate, no matter whether you call them traditional books, paper books, printed books or real books, the argument remains the same. eBooks vs Books - where do you currently stand? I love reading physical books with my children. It's enjoyable watching them scan through the bookshelf – or more accurately […]
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16 ways children’s ebooks are better than printed books

In the eBooks vs Printed Books debate, you will be surprised by how many ways a good eBook can improve on the traditional reading experience. Don’t be lulled into thinking that an eBook is just a print book in digital form. A good eBook should offer an enhanced experience that makes the most of its […]
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8 reasons why reviewing ebooks is important

Reviewing eBooks only takes a matter of seconds, but so many readers don’t do it and the harm it causes to their favourite authors is immense. In this digital age, the process of product consumption is so fast it’s easy to not associate any real value with the experience. But whatever that experience, you have […]
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How to download ebooks on Amazon and iTunes

If you want to download eBooks for Apple Books via iTunes, and Kindle via Amazon, here are the simple steps you need to follow. Old Mate Media publishes children’s picture books, comics, cookbooks, novels and more, and all of them are available for purchase as eBooks. There are two main online stores we use to […]
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101 best Facebook groups for children’s book authors and readers

The hardest part of self-publishing is marketing your book and finding an audience. Here is a handy list of Facebook groups that can help you down that path. If you’ve already self-published a book, then you are no doubt aware that writing the text and sourcing the images is the easy part – making readers aware of […]
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Guide: setting the right expectations for your children’s picture book

Wouldn’t it be nice if a million people bought your children’s picture book overnight? Of course, but is that a reality? What are the right expectations to set before you invest your time and money in indie book development? You’ve completed your book. It’s edited, illustrated and designed, and you’ve done your keyword research to […]
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How to shape story in a children’s book adventure

There are many kinds of picture books, but if you want to tell a good adventure story, here is an approach I find works well. My children are my muse. I listen to the way they interpret the world and watch the way they play make believe. It provides an invaluable insight into how they engage […]
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Guide: text layout in a children's picture book

When you are thinking about the layout for the digital ePub version of your children’s book, what is the best way to display your text? Children’s picture books are named largely due to the focus on the art in their layout, but the text remains vitally important. It is through your words that you can give […]
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