Celebrating Nature Through Books

An amazing group of indie authors have joined forces to share their children’s books with readers around the world with a free book promotion. All the books celebrate nature and the outdoors in some way.

Bookfunnel-Banner-1Which Books Are Included in the Celebrating Nature Promotion?

The Celebrating Nature promotion features some fantastic books with different themes and messages for a wide range of ages. Our title is one of our favourites, Follow The Breadcrumbs, by Chris Stead.

You can see all the books and read a little more about them further down in the article.

Bookfunnel-Banner-2How Do I Get the Books in the Celebrating Nature Promotion?

The best news is that it is super easy to get the free books in the Celebrating Nature Promotion. All you need to do is click the link below or click on any of the book covers and you’ll get access to all these fabulous books by the thirteen different independent authors.

Get My Nature Books Now!

You can choose your favourite device and format and the book will be sent to you by the team at Book Funnel. If you run into any issues at all, just ask for help and they’ll talk you through the solution.

You can share this link too with your friends and family so they can also access this fantastic nature through books promotion. The promotion will run all the way to the 15th August.


Follow the Breadcrumbs is a beautifully written and illustrated imaginative story that will become a favourite in your collection.

This adventure starts with an ordinary trip to the lake, but then Willy’s imagination takes over. His big idea is to build his own lake in his backyard so the animals can visit him. He digs the “lake,” fills it with water and uses breadcrumbs to lure the animals back to his house. Willy soon discovers a great idea can lead to a whole lot of trouble when every animal in the lake arrives in his backyard.


Packed with facts about the Primates, your children or grandchildren will enjoy learning from start to finish while they read this book.

Learn many interesting facts and see some beautiful photographs of the primates. The gorgeous photographs will keep your child engaged from beginning to end.

Helping your child learn to read is easier with fun lessons!!
This book features words with short vowel /a/ or /i/ and can be used to teach story characters.


Samba on a Snowy Day, written by Paul Yanuziello with illustrations by Joshua Miller, is a fun story about a lovable puppy and his best friend on their first snowy adventure. Delight in the magical beauty of a winter wonderland. Enjoy a fast-paced story with thrills, spills, forest trails and mountainous hills that only a Bernese Mountain Dog like Samba could climb. Cuddle up with this enchanting story brought to life with wonderful illustrations.


Join Carl and Cindy on their adventures.
Carl and Cindy go to the dentist with Mum.
It turns out to be a very memorable day.
They learn a very valuable lesson.
Whose teeth get the all clear?
Who has to take more care?
Find out what happens.


Dylan cannot sleep without his Cosydoze, but it goes missing on a visit to Granny’s house. Where has it gone? And can Mum and Dad get Dylan to sleep without it?

A funny, heart-warming story for very young readers told in rhyme.


Abigail isn’t a normal five-year-old girl. She doesn’t have normal five-year-old pets. Abigail has a Pet Zombie. This is their story…


Kevin and his pet, Don the dragon, are enjoying their day. Sometimes, things don’t always go as expected, but even those occasions are great times to learn a lesson.

This is a must read for parents to teach their kids to learn how to manage their anger in healthy ways and encouraging them in solving problems.


Oh No! The Rainbow Is Missing! And the rumor is all the colors are no longer friends.

Friendship is essential, and Lil Bub, Wally, and Furry know this.
They set out on a mission to get the colors back together because the kids need their rainbow, and friends need each other.


Where is Lane?
Find out what happens in this comedic book.
This is a picture book series about Lane and her life adventures. The books in this series are humorous, engaging and sometimes deal with common childhood issues like bullying, fear of the dark, patience and friendship. The books are interactive and engage young readers to participate in the story.


Through an inspiring tale about the sun and the moon and how everyone no matter how different they are has unique traits and skills, this real life story shows parents and kids alike what is really important in life – like having a good heart and turning bullying into new friendships.

Where to Next?

Of course, our nature book, Follow The Breadcrumbs is just one of our many children’s books. You can see our full catalogue of books in our shop. We’d love to hear your thoughts about the books in the promo. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or reach out via email or on socials. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.


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