Count With Me Review – Children’s Picture Book

Children’s book author Felix Mak goes on a counting adventure with the help of a very friendly little monster.

Count With Me Cover

Like many self-published indie authors, Felix Mak is a father. He also has 20 years of experience working as a graphic designer out of Melbourne, Australia. That’s a great leg up in the world of self-publishing. Conscious of his own design mentalities and knowledgeable on how to utilise art to accentuate a story, Count With Me sets off ahead of the competition.

Felix Mak describes himself as a “strong proponent of simple design and simple communication,” and that is evident as soon as you flip open Count With Me. However, there’s plenty of smarts to this children’s picture book and the way it conveys its message. As an early learning tool, Count With Me is both fun and effective.

Count With Me Story Review

My initial reaction to Count With Me were visions of Sesame Street. In particular, the fantastic The Monster at the End of this Book. It has a similar energy about it, both in its characters and its delivery.

Without any premise, we’re quick to meet the book’s star, Little Mon. The middle child in a monster family, Little Mon breaks the fourth wall, communicating directly with the child. Little Mon likes to count, and he needs an assistant to help him learn his counting before bedtime. It’s a great start that every child will instantly buy into.

I love the way the book uses parts of the body as the basis for the counting. Not only does this create a relatable bond between Little Mon and your child, but it allows them to explore each other’s differences. Little Mon’s genuine, heart-warming reactions to the predictable answers add to the fun. Later in the book we meet the snoozers, presumably little creatures a monster sleeps with. This late additions adds some flair, and re-engages children’s imaginations as they might begin to flag.

You may have noticed I have not mentioned counting much in this Count With Me review. A book about counting. But that’s because, title aside, its inclusion is quite subtle. It’s here where I feel Felix Mak has really nailed this book, because as an effective early learning tool, it’s actually a fun picture book. The counting element is wonderfully organic.

Count With Me Screenshot

Count With Me Technical Review

As you would expect from someone with years of experience in graphic design, Felix Mak’s book design is sharp. It places an emphasis on white space and bold, almost cliché characters that are a great fit for this demographic. It’s easy to follow the emotional reactions of Little Mon and easy to understand what it is we’re supposed to be counting.

The simple square design works well and turns this into a real page turner. Handy when you want to read your child a book before bed, but not miss the start of the footy. I especially like the inclusion of colouring-in pages at the end, sure to make this a favourite among kids. After all, your child is likely to draw on the book away, right?!

As a streamlined, focused indie children’s picture book, Count With Me is a hit. Felix Mak has kicked his goal here, posting a win for subtlety in a genre crowded with brash titles. If you’re looking for a fun way to teach your young’un to count, you’ve found it.

Essential Info:

  • Author: Felix Mak
  • Illustrator: Felix Mak
  • Suitable for: Ages 2-4
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

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