Game Guy Season 1

A Video Games Comic

By: Chris Stead and Nicholas Abdilla

Plagued by pirates? Troubled by trolls? Game Guy is the console powered super hero for you! With the help of his OP sidekick Handheld, the digital duo protects the gaming community and fight to end video game crime! Enjoy all 27 episodes of the first season of Game Guy in this book, each providing a satirical look at modern video games and having a ball turning all the clichés on their head.

Conceived and illustrated by ex-games retailer Nicholas Abdilla, and overseen by ex-Game Informer editor Chris Stead, no game character or industry topic is left unscathed. From Mario to Lara Croft, and Princess Peach to Bad Piggies, anyone with an interest in video gaming will enjoy the adventures of Game Guy.

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“this is a fun cheeky comic, love the colour and game guy sidekick, good show”

“5 Star Worth it!! I’m not much of a comic reader or a reader in general but after reading this on the train over a few days, it was totally worth it. Had a bunch of good laughs and there’s heaps of pop culture references! Overall, I loved all the twists and jokes. Can’t wait for the next season” –¬†epiktrann


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