Can You See The Magic?

Author: Chris Stead            Art by: Els Dirickx

Your children will not believe their eyes as one simple item like a piece of bark or a rusted car door transforms into a stunning image full of action and adventure in this unique and magical children’s book.

Follow along as a sister and brother try to convince their dad of the existence of magic. As they stumble on objects and natural shapes around their farm, the kids can see magical images and activities buried within, but their daddy cannot. Will they be able to prove to him that there is magic everywhere? Will he be able to see it? 

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“In my opinion, children’s books should not just tell a great story, but they should spark the imagination. This is by far my favorite children’s book of the new year. I have shared it with several teachers and students at school. It was great fun watching them look around the room and see the owl in the wood grain on my door or the dragon that is on theirs. This book is great for ALL ages. I teach middle school and my students loved it.

…..  This has reignited my already big imagination……I am already a fan of Chris Stead’s books. He worked his own magic when he paired up with this artist who creates something she calls Arikai Reverse art. I highly recommend this book……” – Sandra K. Stiles


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