Sneak Peek at Upcoming Books by Old Mate Media

We have a range of upcoming books and projects in production at Old Mate Media, and we hope you’re excited by each of the following.

Upcoming Books by Old Mate Media

Upcoming Books by Old Mate Media

It’s been a very busy 2016 for Old Mate Media, and as we head towards 2017, we’ve got a stack of upcoming books on the way. Joining the nine books already available, we have 10 upcoming books at different stages of production. Many of these we hope to have out in time for Christmas with a few likely to slip into next year. The majority are written by author Chris Stead, and illustrated by a range of artists from all over the world. However, we are increasingly taking on new projects from other authors and illustrators. This is quickly adding to our library of available titles.

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Upcoming Books by Old Mate Media

Aliens Can't Open Doors by Chris Stead
Willy Nilly's Silly Billy Magic Hats by Chris Stead Poster
The Big Ouchy by Chris Stead
Let The Sad Thoughts Out by Chris Stead
How the Moon Found Its Shine by Chris Stead
The Rainbow Race by Chris Stead
The Bookaburra by Chris Stead
Adam Exitus by Nicholas Abdilla
Little Climber's Magic Tree by Chris Stead
Dance of the Butterflies by Chris Stead
Super Awesome Wicked Mega Dog by Chris Stead

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