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As Old Mate Media expands its library of original material, so too does it grow its empire of websites, with each bespoke page designed to serve its source material and fans to the highest standard. It’s an ongoing process, but we invite you to take a close look at some of our products by visiting the individual sites.

Old Mate Media websites

What is Willy Nilly Adventures?

Willy Nilly Adventures is the home for Old Mate Media’s unofficial mascot. The book series The Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly by Chris Stead stars the titular little boy, whose everyday activities turn into epic adventures as the real world, and the world as it appears through his imagination, merge into one. Each book leads into the other, and there is plenty of information about the origins of the book through the link.

Old Mate Media Websites

What is Chop Cook Serve?

Old Mate Media’s first lady, Kate Stead, is a whiz in the kitchen, delivering tasty dinners, lunches and treats to her three young children. Armed with a thermomixer, Kate put together a collection of her 50 favourite family recipes, and released it is a book you can pick up at our shop. Following its success she started the Chop Cook Serve blog, which offers more recipes, insights and tips into being a young mum looking for easy dinner solutions that still taste great.

Old Mate Media Websites

What is Grab It Magazine?

Old Mate Media’s first original project was a digital magazine called Grab It, designed to be a discovery tool for gamers on the iPad. The digital magazine was filled with world exclusive features, interviews and insights, as well as news, previews and reviews. A finalist in the Digital Magazine Awards in its first year, Grab It also received its own website, which is regularly updated with content relating to indie gaming across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, iOS, Android and virtual reality formats.