Abigail Booth

From: Birmingham, UK 

Abigail Booth

From: Birmingham, UK 

Sometimes a pivot can be the best thing that happens to you. Abigail's healthy journey started when she was made redundant. She was an ambitious, outgoing and successful woman with a wonderful husband, hectic social life and a thriving career. But deep down she wasn’t happy or fulfilled and couldn’t work out why. She was so exhausted trying to keep everything running perfectly, and every ball in the air at once, that she wasn't looking after herself and was using sugar to help her keep functioning.

Being made redundant gave her the opportunity to pursue her dream of giving something back and helping people with their health and wellness. After much deliberation she decided to study Health Coaching. The goal, to use her people skills and health training to give something back to women just like her. She wanted to show them how to change their lives and become healthier happier versions of themselves.

Abby tested her learnings on herself and her husband. . They became her first clients and transformed their lives. By changing their mind-sets, habits and behaviour around food and now lead a healthier lifestyle waking up in the morning excited and raring to go.

Abby shares all her tips in Eat Well, Feel Great; 25 Healthy, Satisfying Recipes to Help You Look Fabulous and Feel Amazing.

Eat Well, Feel Great

Released: May 30, 2018 | Genre:

Eat Well, Feel Great is the healthy cookbook for busy women. This wholefoods cookbook will show you that delicious and nutritious food doesn’t have to be boring, bland or complicated. That to look and feel great you don’t have to starve yourself or use willpower to get there. You can eat healthy satisfying recipes made […]

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