There's a Mermaid in my Bathtub

Lisa has every excuse you could imagine to get out of going to school. What will be the turning point to help her get to school today?

Growing Down Instead Of Up

Are you always helping picky eaters in your home? Is meal-time always a battle? Let the Dinner Fairy cast a spell on your kids so they don’t run the risk of Growing Down Instead of Up!

Girls Are Born to Fly

"Girls Are Born to Fly is not only the true story of a girl who achieved a lifelong dream to be a pilot but also reminds young readers that they should never be discouraged by a door closed to them merely because of their gender." - Elizabeth Driver, Retired English Teacher

A Big Blue Boat

The seas are calm and the winds gently blowing, when a Big Blue Boat and her Captain head out for a day’s sail. As the winds strengthen, and the sea starts to rollick and frolic, will our Big Blue Boat and her Captain make it safely back to shore?

The Best A To Z Tongue Twister Book Ever!!!

Are you looking for a fantastic way to help your children learn their letters and practice their phonics? An early learning tool that does the alphabet for kids, by doing the alphabet in art? The Best A to Z Tongue Twister Book Ever is your answer.

A Cat Called Crabpot

Crabpot was an abandoned cat living rough in a prestigious gated estate on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. She survived by hunting small birds, geckos, and stealing dogs’ biscuits. How the cat got her name Crabpot is true, as you’ll discover.

Nintendo Switch Gaming Guide

Are you sick of buying Nintendo video games and accessories you don’t like, or your kids won’t play? Then you need this complete Nintendo Switch guide by award-winning games journalist Chris Stead.

The Little Green Boat

A wildly imaginative children's picture book from #1 bestselling, and award-winning author, Chris Stead

Superheroes Wear Masks

A picture book to help kids with social distancing and covid anxiety.

Eat Well, Feel Great

Discover 25 Healthy, Satisfying Recipes to Help You Look Fabulous and Feel Amazing. Eat Well, Feel Great is the healthy cookbook for busy women. This wholefoods cookbook will show you that delicious and nutritious food doesn’t have to be boring, bland or complicated.

Adam X: Adam Exitus

You’ll never look at our universe in the same way again after experiencing this “outstanding classic.” Science-fiction and historical non-fiction collide in this “much-needed breath of fresh air” and a “a non-stop roller coaster ride through time and space.”

Trouble At The Zoo

A mischievous little elephant called Tiny who causes mayhem at the city zoo when she uses the keeper’s keys to unlock her cage and those of her animal friends. Together the animal kids and their parents head off to explore the world on a big adventure.

Kate’s Thermo Cookbook – Top 50 Family Recipes

Your Guide to Easy Family Cooking for your Thermomix.

My Birthday Cake Needs a New Home

How lucky is this little girl? Her mother has baked her a massive cake for her birthday party. There is so much leftover, however, it cannot fit in the fridge. How much mess can she make on her quest to hide the cake without getting in trouble?

Game Guy Season 1

Plagued by pirates? Troubled by trolls? Game Guy is the console powered super hero for you!

A Very Strange Zoo

You’ve never encountered a book about animals like A Very Strange Zoo before. What if your creative STEAM inventions, your DIY kid's projects, were brought to life?

Can You See The Magic?

You’ve never experienced a children’s picture book quite like this before. Can You See The Magic? is a collaboration between award-winning author Chris Stead, and visionary artist Els Dirickx.

Nintendo Switch - The Complete Insider’s Guide

re you interested in the Nintendo Switch? In this unofficial guide, award-winning games magazine journalist Chris Stead uses his 20-years of experience and early hands-on access to the Switch to give you an essential expert opinion.

Jasper the Very Lucky Kitten

Jasper was a very pretty kitten with a fluffy white coat and cute black feet.Plus he had the perfect little black nose, just like a button.But mummy cat had to watch her kitten all the time.Jasper was always getting into so much trouble………

Christmas Chimney Challenge

If Santa can bring one sack of toys down one chimney, how many sacks can he bring down ten chimneys?

Brian The Field Mouse

Brian is a small, but mischievous mouse always looking beyond the borders of his happy home on the farm.

Let The Sad Thoughts Out

Does your child struggle to talk about what they’re feeling inside?As a parent, do you struggle to explain why they should talk about their feelings?You are not alone.

Ultimate At Home Activities for Kids

Take the stress out of parenting in isolation with this curated guide to over 150 free activities for kids to do at home in an easy-to-follow, themed, 14-day schedule.

Adam X: Adam Exiled

Expect mystery; expect romance; expect action; and expect to not only rethink the way our galaxy works, but the role humanity plays in it.

Gentle George

A tale of friendship, bravery and hope against all odds.

PlayStation 5 Gaming Guide

The PlayStation 5 has arrived! This next-generation console has hardware power, futuristic accessories and blockbuster games that will blow your mind. And you’ll learn all about it in this PS5 guide by award-winning games journalist Chris Stead.

Adam X: Adam Nexus

The Human clone Adam 10 was the first specimen to ever escape its artificial habitat and the EDN, a time-travelling vessel created by the Preservers. But the trouble started centuries before that historic event when Eldest, the spaceship’s leader, faced an unprecedented dilemma.

The Fastest Kid in the World

What happens when Willy takes his brand new soapbox car to the highest hill in town?

Follow the Breadcrumbs

A wildly imaginative children's picture book from #1 bestselling, and award-winning author, Chris Stead

The Making of Monument Valley: Secrets Behind the Best Video Games

With over 50,000,000 paid downloads, Monument Valley is one of the most successful and best mobile games of all time.

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