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Full list of children's book publishing services, and services for books of all genres, provided by Old Mate Media.

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On this page you will find a list of all the children’s picture book publishing services offered by Old Mate Media. While we specialise in children’s books, we do in truth work on all kinds of books, magazines and comics. Just look at Old Mate Media's own books, which include game guides, cookbooks, novels, chapter books, activity guides, business promotional material and more.

Most of the authors that we work with are just getting started on their publishing journey. A big part of what we do is help authors understand the book publishing process. This way authors are better armed and prepared for future works, reducing costs and producing better producst. As such, we’ve structured our services in the order in which they are best completed during the book publishing process.

This way you can see where you are and what’s next.

This system also allows authors to only engage us in the services they need. Many authors already have some skills and therefore only need help with specific publishing services. Each quote we do is bespoke to your needs. And remember, we work with flat fees; there is no ongoing royalty fee.


If you simply do not know where to start, then just book a call. We love talking to new authors and helping them take their first steps into the exciting world of being a successful, self-published author. The call is free after all.

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Step-by-step guide: How to create a children's book

Old Mate Media specialises in helping indie authors realise their publishing dreams. Here's our guide to creating a children's book.  Old Mate Media’s goal is to help parents, writers and illustrators at any level of experience create and publish children’s picture and storybooks. You don’t have to be an artist. You don’t even have to […]
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Professional Children's Book Editing

Are you looking for a children's book editor? Do you need development advice for your YA short story, comic, non-fiction work or novel? Old Mate Media has 25-years of professional editing experience! Professionally editing your children’s book, novel or any other form of literature is vital to success. Editing involves a lot more than ensuring […]
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Creating art, images and a cover for children's books

So you’ve written a great story you’d love to turn into a children’s picture book? Great! But you can’t draw to save your life; so where do you turn for help? Try Old Mate Media. It goes without saying that art is vital to any children’s picture book. The hint is right there in the […]
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Children’s Book Design for Digital and Print

The design of your children’s picture book is vital to its success. If you’re an indie author with text and/or images, Old Mate Media can use those to build your book. At its core, the design of a book involves the placement of images and text so that one page flows to the other. However, […]
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Children’s Book Publisher for Digital, Website and Print-On-Demand

Are you an indie author who needs a publisher? You've created your children’s picture book and now it needs readers. Old Mate Media will help you get your book published. If you have a book, then you need a publisher, but the how and where of publishing is more diverse than you may think. For aspiring […]
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Marketing Your Children's or Non-Fiction Book

Marketing your new book can often feel like an impossible task. Where do you start? What is most important? Should you advertise? Seek media exposure? There are so many options. Firstly, you should know that everyone feels overwhelmed when thinking about marketing their book. Most authors are much more comfortable creating than selling. Making the […]
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Website designer for children’s book authors

Looking for a website designer to create a cost-effective online page to promote your novel or children’s book? Old Mate Media can help. The book publishing landscape has changed drastically over the last decade. The era of traditional printing and publishing has found serious competition in the self-publishing model. Authors can now create, publish and […]
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Background Remover - Image clipping / deep-etching service

Whether it’s to give your designer more assets to work with on the creation of your book, or to market your completed story, our background remover service can help. Depending on how familiar you are with the world of book design and the work of digital artists, you may have arrived here through a number […]
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Free Children's Picture Book Reviews Service

At Old Mate Media, we love making books. We also love helping other indie authors and illustrators self-publish their work. One of the biggest challenges facing any indie author releasing their book into a massive worldwide market is getting noticed, getting reviews and beginning to generate some momentum in sales and word-of-mouth. So we’d like […]
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Author coaching for children's book writers

Are you looking for an author coach to help you on your self-publishing journey? Old Mate Media’s experienced children’s book making team will be with you ever step of the way. We have heard the requests. Over the last few years, we’ve had many writers ask us about adding another, deeper level of service to […]
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Old Mate Media Indie Author Discount Program

If you have kind things to say about Old Mate Media’s book publishing services, we want to reward you for spreading the word. Join our affiliate rewards program and save on your next book. Here at Old Mate Media, we love it when authors refer us on to their friends, colleagues and connections. It makes […]
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