The Essential List of Free Indie Author Guides


The Essential List of Free Indie Author Guides

Welcome to our list of indie author guides. Old Mate Media is here to help you turn your stories or content into a professionally edited, beautifully designed, published book. One that can go on sale to fans, readers and new audiences worldwide in digital and print formats.

Old Mate Media helps authors and illustrators navigate the confusing path from book idea to publication. We offer services that plug in anywhere along the book making process so you can use as little or as much as you need. Be it editing, illustrations, design, publishing, creating an author website and more.

As we work with indie authors, we’re always learning more about the education process. We get asked questions, and deal with different challenges. Our indie author guides are a direct result of these communications. We’ve put together a series of guides separated into the different stages of publishing to help you along. And we’ll keep updating this as we produce more guides. Check back regularly or sign up to our newsletter to get the latest tips and tricks in your inbox.

And of course, if there’s a topic you’d like to see covered, just let us know and we’ll add it to the upcoming guide list. Whether you decide to use our services or not, we hope you find value in our indie author guides.

Writing and Author Life Guides

Shaping the Story in a Children’s Book    
Setting Your Sales Expectations for your Book
Step 1 to Becoming an Author: Embracing the Right Writer Mindset
Setting Publishing Goals – A Roadmap to Success

Six easy tips to improve your writing career in 2020
The Self-Publishing Show Live: Tips
10 Best Podcasts for Indie Authors
Head of IngramSpark Gives Her Top 12 Tips for Indie Authors

Book Getting Started Guides

Step by Step – How to Create a Children’s Book
Paperback Trim Sizes in Pixels
What does DPI Mean
How to Successfully Fund your Book through Kickstarter

Understanding Full Bleed Printing and How to Design for Bleed Area
How to Scan your Art for Print Publication
What Is An ISBN? A Guide For Indie Authors

Book Preparation Guides

Finding a writer for your Book
Hiring an Editor for your Book
Creating Art for a Children’s Book
Laying out text in a Children’s Book
Design for Digital and Print Children’s Books
Publishing Your Children’s Book

10 Essential Book Cover Tips for Indie Authors
The rules for art and text layout in children's picture book design
Indie Author Glossary A-C
Indie Author Glossary D-F
Indie Author Glossary G-M
How to Convert your Children’s Book into a Children’s Book App
How to Upload to KDP: Get Your Book Metadata Sorted
IngramSpark Interview: Answers to your Self-Publishing Questions
How to get a Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN)
How to get your book stocked by libraries- CIP blocks and why you need one

Book Upload Guides

How to Get a Free IngramSpark Title Setup
KDP vs IngramSpark: Pros and cons

Book Promotion Guides

How to Create a Kindle Book Series Bundle on Amazon in Five Steps
Create Amazing Engaging Photos of Your Book for Social Media
How to Promote Your Book at Christmas
Best Facebook Groups for Indie Children’s Book Authors
How to Add Editorial Reviews to your Amazon Book Page

How to use Booko To Help Your Indie Author Career
3 Ways To Improve Amazon Sales of Your Children’s Book
Top Tips on Planning Your Author School Visit
Running a Free Book Promotion on Amazon
The Self-Publishing Show Live: Tips
Does a Kindle Countdown Promotion Deliver a Rankings Boost?
Book Marketing Basics for Indie Authors
Step by Step Guide to Running a Kindle Giveaway
How to Get a Free Readers’ Favorite Book Review
Everything Indie Authors Need to Know about GDPR Privacy Laws
Case Study: Running a Free Book Promotion on Amazon
How to Publish on Both KDP And IngramSpark
How to Use Draft2Digital to Reach A Bigger Audience

Reading and Parent Guides

16 Ways Children’s eBooks are Better than Printed Books
Why Reviewing Books is Important
How to Download an Ebook
Ebooks and Print Books for Children, Working Together
How to Get Grandparents Reading to Your Kids

How do I use an Apple Books Promo Code to get my free book
Support Literacy By Donating to a Reading Charity

Where to Next?

We hope you’ll bookmark this page, so you can come back to it easily and access the right guide as you need it. Remember you can tap into our skills at any point in the process and set up a FREE consult about your book idea and how you can successfully publish it. Just send an email and we’ll organise a time to chat.

In the meanwhile if you want to find out more head on over to our about us page for an introduction to the people behind Old Mate Media. You can also browse our catalogue of available releases.

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