5 Reasons you Need to Write a Children’s Book! 

Old Mate Media
 | Updated July 18, 2023

5 Reasons you Need to Write a Children’s Book! 

Old Mate Media
 | Updated July 18, 2023

5 Reasons you Need to Write a Children’s Book!

I once knew a woman who had a story inside of her that she had been wanting to tell for years. 

She was passionate about writing since childhood and dreamed of one day publishing a book, but she was too afraid to take a chance. She was scared of rejection and worried that her story wasn't good enough to share. So, instead of pursuing her dream, she kept her writing to herself and continued on with her everyday life. 

It wasn't until she had more time on her hands in retirement that she finally realized she’d been holding herself back for YEARS. So she took a chance on herself, signed up for a course on how to publish a children’s book and made it happen! 

She went on to publish multiple books and became a successful author, but she always wondered what would have happened if she had taken a chance sooner… 

The moral of the story? Don't let fear hold you back from pursuing your dreams. 

It's time to stop keeping your stories hidden away in a dusty old notebook or hidden deep in the recesses of your imagination. Trust me when I say that the world is ready (and waiting!) for your stories to be told. 

Still not sure? 

Here are 5 reasons you need to write a children’s book:

Your Voice Matters:

Your unique experiences, perspectives, and ideas can inspire and empower children around the world. By writing a book for kids, you have the opportunity to share your story, capture imaginations and make a positive impact on young readers, maybe even in a way that you needed when you were a child.

Challenge Yourself Creatively:

Writing a book for kids requires imagination, creativity, and a willingness to take risks. By pushing through the obstacles and completing your book, you'll not only develop your writing skills but also your creativity and innovation.

Express Yourself:

Writing a book is a powerful form of self-expression. It allows you to communicate your thoughts, emotions, and ideas in a way that's both personal and universal. Some writers consider it therapy!

Fulfill Your Dreams:

If writing a book for kids is something you've always wanted to do, then pushing through the obstacles and completing your book can be incredibly fulfilling. It's an accomplishment that you can be proud of forever, not to mention the possibility of new doors opening for your career.

Make a Difference:

Writing a book for kids can have a lasting impact on the lives of young readers. Your words and stories can inspire, educate, and entertain children, and even change the way they view the world. By pushing through the obstacles and completing your book, you have the power to make a difference in the lives of others.

Don't let fear hold you back from pursuing your dreams.

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