Chris Stead

From: Sydney, Australia 

Chris Stead

From: Sydney, Australia 

Writing has been a part of Chris Stead’s life since he was very young. In fact, he won the “creative writing” award way back in Year 3 at school as a seven-year-old. During his senior school years, Chris wrote constantly, be it stories while he was sitting at his desk in class not concentrating on the teacher, or writing up news reports on all the sports and experiences the kids in his local neighbourhood enjoyed every day.

Chris, Kate and family

By the time he left school in 1996, he had already started a website, and was writing reviews and opinions on user-created content for video games. This would lead to work as a contributor to a number of leading magazines and websites through the remainder of the nineties while he completed a degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics at the University of Sydney.

By 2000, he was Staff Writer for the launch of Official PlayStation 2 Magazine, but left the role in 2001 with his future wife to travel the world. 18-months, 40 countries, a host of odd jobs and two kombis later, Chris arrived back in Sydney and reignited his writing career. He soon started working as GameSta for young boy’s magazine Krash, which – almost 150 issues later – he continues to do, as well as contribute to a host of popular entertainment publications and websites.

In 2003, Chris was hired as deputy editor for the launch of Australian GamePro magazine, and moved to the editor’s seat in 2005. In 2007, he was hired as editor-in-chief for the launch of, and then in 2010 he was brought on as the launch editor for Australian Game Informer. He would work there for four years, before leaving at the birth of his second child, Jasmine.

In 2014, Chris launched a new chapter in his writing life. He founded his own company, Old Mate Media, and became a gun for hire in the entertainment industry, combining all his skills in design, text, editing and content marketing across a number of roles. Chris regularly contributes, consults and schools staff for brands like Maxim, Finder, UNSW, MCV, Krash, It Girl, Red Bull and more.

In and around that, he launched an app, Grab It, and a tie-in website,, to cover the burgeoning indie gaming scene and to help mobile gamers find the hidden gems on the App Store. And, of course, he has launched the first of a range of children’s books through The Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly series. In the future, Chris hopes that other aspiring writers who would like to create their own digital publications – no matter what the topic – will enlist Old Mate Media to help them turn their dream into a reality.

Follow the Breadcrumbs

Released: January 28, 2016 | Genre:

Follow the Breadcrumbs is a beautifully written and illustrated imaginative story that will become a favourite in your collection. Especially if you are seeking garden stories for kids, books for outdoor kids or a picture book about animals. This adventure starts with an ordinary trip to the lake, but then Willy’s imagination takes over. His […]

The Making of Monument Valley: Secrets Behind the Best Video Games

Released: June 9, 2017 | Genre:

With over 50,000,000 paid downloads, Monument Valley is one of the most successful and best mobile games of all time. It's also one of the great indie games. In this book you can get an exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of Monument Valley, put together by award-winning games journalist Chris Stead. Artist […]

The Little Green Boat

Released: August 1, 2015 | Genre:

This kids boat adventure starts with an ordinary trip the beach….. But then when Willy Nilly goes for a wander into the sand dunes, he discovers a little green boat, which magically gets swept out to sea. Stranded, he enlists the help of some dolphins, who carry him to a secret island where he finds […]

The Fastest Kid in the World

Released: May 8, 2016 | Genre:

What happens when Willy takes his brand new soapbox car to the highest hill in town? Adventure is in the air when Willy Nilly and his dad decide to build a soapbox together. However, Willy’s wild imagination gets the better of him when he tries to think up some ideas on how to get his […]

Superheroes Wear Masks

Released: December 25, 2020 | Genre:

It’s hard watching your kids struggle with COVID anxiety. Hard to help kids with social distancing and to face the challenges that come with kids and wearing masks. Superheroes Wear Masks is a children’s picture book by award-winning author and parent of three, Chris Stead. It’s designed to help kids feel more comfortable living with coronavirus. As […]

Adam X: Adam Nexus

Released: December 5, 2020 | Genre:

The Human clone Adam 10 was the first specimen to ever escape its artificial habitat and the EDN, a time-travelling vessel created by the Preservers. But the trouble started centuries before that historic event when Eldest, the spaceship’s leader, faced an unprecedented dilemma. The earlier Adam clones keep taking their own lives rather than accept […]

PlayStation 5 Gaming Guide

Released: October 23, 2020 | Genre:

The PlayStation 5 has arrived! This next-generation console has hardware power, futuristic accessories and blockbuster games that will blow your mind. And you’ll learn all about it in this PS5 guide by award-winning games journalist Chris Stead.  Hands-on analysis of Sony’s console and its features Full overview of hardware, peripherals, accessories and PlayStation Plus 24 […]

Gentle George

Released: September 30, 2020 | Genre:

A tale of friendship, bravery and hope against all odds. Back in the good ol’ days, there was a pit pony called Gentle George. He worked every day deep down in the tunnels of Grubb’s Coal Mine in Yorkshire, England. George had a gentle nature, but a big heart. In this children’s historical chapter book, […]

Nintendo Switch Gaming Guide

Released: July 7, 2020 | Genre:

Are you sick of buying Nintendo video games and accessories you don’t like, or your kids won’t play? Then you need this complete Nintendo Switch guide by award-winning games journalist Chris Stead. Written for parents, kids and gamers alike Full overview of hardware, peripherals, accessories and Nintendo Online Over 75 games reviewed with bonus family-friendly information Chris […]

Adam X: Adam Exiled

Released: June 6, 2020 | Genre:

Expect mystery; expect romance; expect action; and expect to not only rethink the way our galaxy works, but the role humanity plays in it.  Adam Exiled blends imaginative sci-fi with real-world science and historical non-fiction to create something not only entertainingly fresh, but deep thinking, too. Written for young adult science-fiction fans and up, it presents […]

Ultimate At Home Activities for Kids

Released: April 12, 2020 | Genre:

Take the stress out of parenting in isolation with this curated guide to over 150 free activities for kids to do at home in an easy-to-follow, themed, 14-day schedule. Are you struggling to entertain your children at home while social distancing? Do you get lost in Pinterest/Google searches trying to find activities for them to […]

Let The Sad Thoughts Out

Released: March 31, 2020 | Genre:

Does your child struggle to talk about what they’re feeling inside? As a parent, do you struggle to explain why they should talk about their feelings? You are not alone. Award-winning writer Chris Stead wrote Let the Sad Thoughts Out as a means of connecting with his three children as they faced their daily emotional struggles. It breaks […]

Christmas Chimney Challenge

Released: November 24, 2018 | Genre:

If Santa can bring one sack of toys down one chimney, how many sacks can he bring down ten chimneys? It’s with this simple idea that Willy’s big imagination gets him into trouble yet again. With so many more chimneys arriving the day before Christmas, the elves and their toy factory can’t keep up. Christmas […]

Adam X: Adam Exitus

Released: March 2, 2017 | Genre:

You’ll never look at our universe in the same way again after experiencing this “outstanding classic.” Science-fiction and historical non-fiction collide in this “much-needed breath of fresh air” and a “a non-stop roller coaster ride through time and space.” Fantastic for young adult fiction fans through to experienced connoisseurs of sci-fi sagas and fantasy. Find out […]

Nintendo Switch - The Complete Insider’s Guide

Released: | Genre:

Note: A new updated guide edition has now been published. Search for: Nintendo Switch Gaming Guide: Overview of the best Nintendo video games, cheats and accessories. Are you interested in the Nintendo Switch? In this unofficial guide, award-winning games magazine journalist Chris Stead uses his 20-years of experience and early hands-on access to the Switch to give you an […]

Can You See The Magic?

Released: September 26, 2016 | Genre:

You’ve never experienced a children’s picture book quite like this before. Can You See The Magic? is a collaboration between award-winning author Chris Stead, and visionary artist Els Dirickx. It showcases Els’ work to establish a new discipline called Reverse Art, which she is pioneering from her base in southern Sydney, Australia. It involves photographing […]

A Very Strange Zoo

Released: June 22, 2016 | Genre:

You’ve never encountered a book about animals like A Very Strange Zoo before.  What if your creative STEAM inventions, your diy kids projects, were brought to life? On a little island in a big ocean, lives a young inventor creating all kinds of weird and wonderful things. Maybe you’ve heard of his bucket with legs that can […]

Game Guy Season 1

Released: May 8, 2016 | Genre:

Plagued by pirates? Troubled by trolls? Game Guy is the console powered super hero for you! With the help of his OP sidekick Handheld, the digital duo protects the gaming community and fight to end video game crime! Enjoy all 27 episodes of the first season of Game Guy in this book, each providing a […]

My Birthday Cake Needs a New Home

Released: January 4, 2016 | Genre:

How lucky is this little girl? Her mother has baked her a massive cake for her birthday party with chocolate and cream and thick icing - yummy!. In fact, it is so big that it towers over all the presents and party food. There is so much leftover, however, it cannot fit in the fridge. […]

Kate’s Thermo Cookbook – Top 50 Family Recipes

Released: January 16, 2016 | Genre:

Discover the best 50 easy family recipes for the Thermomix Learn how to make a wide variety of staples, delicious meals and snacks. Add 50 new meals to your repertoire including dinners, doughs, sauces, desserts and sides. Discover quick and easy family recipes for dinner that everyone will love Learn the best ways to use […]

Trouble At The Zoo

Released: January 3, 2016 | Genre:

This children’s picture book tells a wondrous tale of a mischievous little elephant called Tiny who causes mayhem at the city zoo when she uses the keeper’s keys to unlock her cage and those of her animal friends. Together the animal kids and their parents head off to explore the world on a big adventure. […]

Brian The Field Mouse

Released: December 17, 2018 | Genre:

Brian is a small, but mischievous mouse always looking beyond the borders of his happy home on the farm. Sick of the same old food and same old sights, one day he decides to seek adventure and go travelling. Will he meet friends or foes on the way? Will he find what he seeks outside […]

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