Kimberly Bonner

From: Clemont, Florida, USA  

Kimberly Bonner

From: Clemont, Florida, USA  

Kimberly Bonner has been entertaining family and friends with her stories since she could first wrap her fingers around a pencil. It continued as a mom and now, as Grammy, she has a whole new generation to delight with her playful stories and great, imaginative, adventures.

There's a Mermaid in my Bathtub

Released: April 26, 2023 | Genre:

Who wants to go to school? Who wouldn't rather play all day? Lisa has one problem, her pesky parents that think school is important. That's okay, she just needs to find the best possible reason to not go to school today..... A mermaid in her bathtub, penguins in her freezer, teachers eaten by tigers. As […]

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