Kate’s Thermo Cookbook – Top 50 Family Recipes

Released: January 16, 2016

Kate’s Thermo Cookbook – Top 50 Family Recipes

Released: January 16, 2016

Discover the best 50 easy family recipes for the Thermomix

  • Learn how to make a wide variety of staples, delicious meals and snacks.
  • Add 50 new meals to your repertoire including dinners, doughs, sauces, desserts and sides.
  • Discover quick and easy family recipes for dinner that everyone will love
  • Learn the best ways to use your machine to save you time and money!
  • Includes authentic pictures so you can see just how the meals will turn out...

Kate's Thermo Cookbook

  • Are you struggling to find great Thermomix recipes for your family?
  • Are you missing out on delicious and healthy eating because you are too scared to use your machine?
  • Do you need cooking inspiration to get out of your recipe routine?
  • Do you want easy step by step recipes that you can follow, even if you are not a good cook?
  • Is it time to master and make good use of your Thermomix or thermal cooker?

Kate's Thermo Cookbook gives you a collection of 50 favourite easy family recipes, all of which have been prepared in a thermo cooker and tested on Kate's family.
With easy step-by-step instructions for each recipe, and clear and accurate photos of the recipes, you'll find learning thermo cooking so easy.
As well as learning easy family recipes for dinner you'll also get insights and tips, and guides on what works best with children and for leftovers.
Once you've mastered the basics, you'll have an easy to make family cookbook on hand, there will be no more worrying about what's for dinner tonight!

Here's What You Get:

  • 50 Fantastic tested and tried family recipes for the Thermomix or thermal cooker.
  • Easy family cooking grouped into meals, doughs, sauces/sides, baking and desserts...
  • True to life recipe photos, so you can see what your meals will really look like.
  • Tips and insights to help you personalise the recipes to create your essential family cookbook.
  • Recipes to impress guests, to whip up in a minute or to feed your kids and family. This easy family cooking collection covers all bases.
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