Let The Sad Thoughts Out

AgeEarly Readers
Released: March 31, 2020

Let The Sad Thoughts Out

AgeEarly Readers
Released: March 31, 2020

Does your child struggle to talk about what they’re feeling inside?

As a parent, do you struggle to explain why they should talk about their feelings?

You are not alone.

Award-winning writer Chris Stead wrote Let the Sad Thoughts Out as a means of connecting with his three children as they faced their daily emotional struggles. It breaks down the barrier that stops kids talking about the things that make them sad in a way any child can understand.

The relatable story follows Jake as he spirals into a sad place after he kicks a ball in the house and breaks his dad’s most important picture. Then he fights with his sister, and his feelings of sadness and worthlessness increase.

But his mum and his dad explain to him that sad thoughts are having a party in his mind; and the louder they get the sadder he feels. By opening his mouth and talking, the sad thoughts come flying out, letting the happy thoughts back in.

Mental health in children is a difficult task to manage, and it’s often intimately linked to the mental health of parents. How can you get a child to understand that the only way to find help and relief is to talk about how they’re feeling?

Let the Sad Thoughts Out empathizes with children’s struggle and shows them that it’s ok to talk. To let the sad thoughts out. And that by letting the sad thoughts out, they can be happy again.

In this difficult time, get your copy of this essential book. It will form an incredibly useful part of your parenting toolkit to keep communication flowing with your children.

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