Follow the Breadcrumbs for FREE

Old Mate Media
 | Updated May 18, 2022

Follow the Breadcrumbs for FREE

Old Mate Media
 | Updated May 18, 2022

The exciting second adventure in the Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly is currently FREE on Kindle for just 5 days!

You can pick up Follow the Breadcrumbs for FREE from May 30th to April 4th.

The perfect gift for a friend or addition to your child's bookshelf. If you enjoy Follow the Breadcrumbs on eBook, consider picking it up in paperback and hardcover too.

About Follow the Breadcrumbs

How can having a big imagination get you into trouble?

Just ask Willy Nilly and discover the best series of picture books for outdoor kids on Amazon. Watch in amazement as Willy's ordinary ideas turn into extraordinary adventures.


Follow the Breadcrumbs is a beautifully written and illustrated imaginative story that will become a favourite in your collection.

Follow the Breadcrumbs is the second book in the Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly series. These interactive adventure books allow parents to see what simple everyday activities look like when viewed through the lens of a child’s imagination. The result is an experience that helps parents and their children bond through shared humour as they follow Willy's "creative" ideas.

Check out some of Follow the Breadcrumbs' reviews

"Awesome story for bedtime reading with the kids." - Claire Harvey

"Our 4-year-old daughter ADORES the Willy Nilly books. So imaginative and exciting. These books are often part of our bedtime stories. To the author: Please write more!! :-)" - Jessica

"What a great idea! Kids love feeding ducks and I can totally see some kid trying to build a pond in their backyard. What happens next is what makes the book imaginative and fun." - Mark Restaino

Follow the Breadcrumbs will only be free for a limited time so hurry and grab it before the promotion ends.

Get your free copy of Follow the Breadcrumbs today!

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