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Old Mate Media reveals a brand new children’s picture book taking kids to the land down under.

Austin the Australian Announced Featured

There’s nothing quite as exciting as starting a new children’s picture book, and it’s something we get to do a lot here at Old Mate Media. Our latest project is particularly close to our hearts, given that we’re Australian. It is written be two American-based men, Christopher Boeckman and Ethan Freeman, and is the first in a series starring titular Austin the Australian. A young boy whose adventurous heart allows him to explore the world, even if it’s through his mind’s eye.

Authors Boeckman and Freeman reached out to Old Mate Media to help get their great idea off the ground. We took the initial story, and gave it one of our popular developmental edits. This helped flesh out the story, the action sequences and the theme, establish the best image count and cement a page plan. We then took the initial concept art, briefed one of our artists and began creating illustrations.

Next we’ll layout the book for both print and digital formats. Then we begin helping get the book up for sale on major global outlets and hand over all the files to the authors. Then hopefully begin work on the second entry in the Austin the Australian series. There’s still a bit of a journey to go, of course. But we’re looking forward to helping these exciting new writers realise their self-publishing dream.

As you can see from the sneak peek offered at the top of this page, the art is looking fantastic. The authors are looking at a square layout, with an image that stretches across the entire spread. As a result, you can definitely say that this picture book is putting pictures first. Look for more details on Austin the Australian, including a release date, in the near future.

We can’t wait to put this book alongside our other great children’s reading experiences.

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