A Very Strange Zoo

Author: Chris Stead
Released: June 22, 2016

A Very Strange Zoo

Author: Chris Stead
Released: June 22, 2016

You’ve never encountered a book about animals like A Very Strange Zoo before. 

What if your creative STEAM inventions, your diy kids projects, were brought to life?

On a little island in a big ocean, lives a young inventor creating all kinds of weird and wonderful things. Maybe you’ve heard of his bucket with legs that can follow you around? Or his slippery dip that only slides up?

Inventing can be noisy, and this poor inventor discovered not everyone likes the crashing and banging of creating. Alone and lonely, he decides to use the rubbish washed up on the beach to build his own animal friends for company.

But they were lifeless and he was still lonely. Until a magical bolt of lightning brought very unexpected life back to the island.

Imagination, invention, companionship and magic all come together in this beautiful illustrated children’s picture book by award-winning author, Chris Stead. To read more about the author and to discover his other books - and maybe even learn how to make your own children’s book - visit Old Mate Media at oldmatemedia.com

Featuring truly original, incredibly unique hand-drawn art, take your children on a magical journey of invention and the power of arts and crafts to change a life by clicking Buy Now.

Chris Stead

Writing has been a part of Chris Stead’s life since he was very young. In fact, he won the “creative writing” award way back in Year 3 at school as a seven-year-old. During his senior school years, Chris wrote constantly, be it stories while he was sitting at his desk in class not concentrating on […]

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