CCybils Book Awards are Open for Nominations

The very popular Cybils Book Awards for children’s and young adult literature are now open for public and blogger nominations. However, you’ll have to be quick! Now is the time to get your favourites included before nominations close on October 15 2017.

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What are the Cybils Book Awards?

The Cybils have been running for 11 years, which is impressive. In addition, they’re positioned in the sensible space between the “high falutin” literary awards and the ever proliferating “pay to receive a medal awards.” As the co-founders say; “If some la-di-dah awards can be compared to brussels sprouts, and other, more populist ones to gummy bears, we’re thinking more like organic chicken nuggets.” As a result, it’s a great fit for most authors.

How Can You Nominate an Indie Book for the Cybils Book Awards?

The nomination process is simple because of an easy three-step process.

  1. Register at:
  2. Click on the confirmation link in the email sent to you.
  3. Choose your book while making sure that it fits the restrictions shown below.

What are the restrictions on entering the Cybils Book Awards?

There are a few restrictions to consider due to the high number of nominations:

  • Only one book nomination is allowed per category so don’t go nuts!
  • The book must be published in the US or Canada.
  • The publication date of the book must be between October 16, 2016, and October 15, 2017.
  • Books must be widely available to be eligible for entry, Amazon being particularly relevant.
  • eBooks can only enter in four categories rather than the full list shown below.

What are the categories available in the Cybils Book Awards?

There are sixteen categories of awards in the Cybils, therefore giving you plenty of choice.

  • Audiobooks
  • Board Books
  • Early Chapter Books
  • Easy Readers
  • Elementary Nonfiction
  • Elementary/Middle-Grade Graphic Novels
  • Elementary/Middle-Grade Speculative Fiction
  • Junior High Nonfiction
  • Fiction Picture Books
  • Middle Grade Fiction
  • Middle-Grade Nonfiction
  • Senior High Nonfiction
  • Young Adult Fiction*
  • Poetry*
  • Young Adult Graphic Novels*
  • Young Adult Speculative Fiction*
    *Books that are only available as eBooks are eligible to enter these categories, so avoid those above.

How can I nominate my own books for the Cybils Book Awards?

Authors and Publishers can self-nominate their own books between October 16-25, 2017. In addition, author submissions must follow the same guidelines as the public submissions. Furthermore, Cybils is restricting authors and publishers to entering a maximum of 10% of their 2017 catalogue of books.

It’s especially relevant to note that all entrants must provide a copy of their book for judging, but this can be an eBook.

To self nominate your book, first of all you must complete the spreadsheet (Publisher Author Submissions). Then send it back to by the October 25, 2017.


The 2017 Cybils Fiction Picture Book Award Winner

When are winners announced?

The books go through a two-step judging process. The finalists will be announced following the first round on January 1, 2018, and then the winners are announced on February 14, 2018.

You can find out more about the Cybils Book Awards on the Cybils website. Plus follow them on Facebook or Twitter to keep in touch with the latest news.

Best of luck with your entries 😊

How to create an Award Worthy Book

There are many factors that help to create an amazing children’s book and we have an ever growing library of free guides here at Old Mate Media that can help you learn more about children’s picture book production. Don’t hesitate to send us an email to chat about how we can help with your next book.


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