Free 4 day mindset challenge for authors

Chris Stead
 | Updated March 8, 2021

Free 4 day mindset challenge for authors

Chris Stead
 | Updated March 8, 2021

I'm super excited! My favourite business trainers are doing a FREE four day mindset challenge. These guys are  awesome and have some great material I know will really resonate with you just as it did for me.

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I’m an Author not a Business

Many authors want to create and that’s it. The selling and promotion part of the self-publishing package doesn’t interest them. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to be a successful author in the modern, flooded, digital marketplace without committing time and effort to promotion of your books. And to do this effectively you need to think of yourself and your books as a business.

This means learning from business trainers, people who can help you consider your books as a product. People who will help you develop and build an audience of readers and purchasers.

Why is Mindset Important?

Plain and simple: you get what you project!

This is something I talked about in my article last week, one simple step required to embrace the author mindset. A lot of the inspiration for that article came from my time with Anna Jonak, co-founder of Business School for Mums. Some of the touchstones we explored also included;

  • Project doubt - You will see doubt from others.
  • Promote your writing as a side hustle = That’s how others will think of it.
  • Show uncertainty in investing in your writing = You will see uncertainty in supporting it.
  • Judge yourself for spending time on your writing = Others will judge you for it.
  • Try and DIY everything = You’ll get DIY results.
  • Don’t think you can? = That’s what others will believe too.

And last, but far from least.

  • If you don’t believe your dreams are worth pursuing = How can someone else?

If you took a big breath on that last one, you wouldn’t be alone. Breaking the self-doubt demons is hard work and really hard to do by yourself. That’s why I am just so excited about the FREE 4 day Mindset Challenge starting next week.

What is the Mindset Challenge?

The ladies at Business School for Mums will take you through four video lessons. These will help you:

  • Find solutions in the face of problems
  • Learn to motivate yourself in a slump
  • Own flexibility in the face of juggling your many hats!
  • Gain coping strategies to help you push through the bad days
  • Keep on keepin’ even when the going gets tough (Because it SO will if it hasn’t yet!)

There’s also an associated Facebook community and this is an amazing resource to meet other businesses, motivate each other and, most importantly, network and collaborate. Personally, I have gained many new connections and opportunities just from the Facebook group.

Yes – I'm in for the free Mindset Challenge!

BSFM mindset challenge

Why is it a Free Challenge?

Business School for Mums runs two paid programs, Small Business Success and Next Level. They open up intake a couple of times a year and use challenges like this as a way to introduce themselves and their programs to possible new students.

So at the end of the challenge there will be an option for you to sign up to their course. It is a course that I do recommend, and one that I have done. But there’s no obligation to join, you can just do the challenge and take this opportunity to jump start your end of year path to Christmas.

Who are Business School for Mums?

Business School for Mums is an online only company exclusively for mums in business. As a result, it's built to focus on the unique entrepreneurial journey mums go on as they juggle life and biz.

Their model is unique in that their core programs deliver business and marketing training underpinned by key life coaching skills. This helps you approach everything from the best mindset possible.

Over the last 23 months they’ve coached 1000’s of #WAHMs from all over the globe with their workshops and challenges. And they’ve personally schooled hundreds of biz mums through their programs, delivering astounding results from what I have seen appear in the Facebook group. They have also most recently been featured on the Huffington Post and been nominated for the Telstra Small Business Awards.

Yes – I'm in for the free Mindset Challenge!

Mindset – Just One Step in Your Publishing Journey

Here at Old Mate Media we take joy in helping authors just like you navigate the self-publishing forest. Please do have a look at our full list of  guides, or drop us an email to discuss your book project. No matter where you are in the process, we will give you guidance and help to being a self-published author.

Chris Stead

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