IngramSpark price increase for self-published authors explained

Chris Stead
 | Updated March 8, 2021

IngramSpark price increase for self-published authors explained

Chris Stead
 | Updated March 8, 2021

An IngramSpark price increase has just been announced for the production of all books and this is how it will impact self-published authors.


It always sends a sudden down the spine when you see the words “price increase” in the subject of an email. So it was when IngramSpark sent out an email today. It revealed that a number of key territories around the world will see an IngramSpark price increase on the production of books from April 1, 2019.

Well, unless this is an elaborate April Fool’s joke. (We’re not laughing.)

The IngramSpark price increase will impact those books printed in the USA, the UK and across Europe. If you live in Australia, Canada or elsewhere in the world, you may be sighing in relief.

But as a self-published author using print-on-demand (POD), it’s likely the IngramSpark price increase is effecting a significant portion of your customers. If they live in one of the affected territories, then when they print their book at the nearest printer, it will cost more to make.

Breaking Down the IngramSpark Price Increase

IngramSpark are laying the blame for the price increase at the feet of its suppliers. General inflation has evidently impacted costs such as paper and ink. To mitigate that, all print prices have risen by 2%. So it doesn’t matter which trim size, print format, paper type, colour choice or binding type you use.

The raw impact of that cost, however, isn’t too much to be concerned about. If you retain your current book retail price, then you will effectively lose a small slice of your net profit.

To use round numbers, let’s say your book currently costs $4 to print and you sell it for $20 on Amazon. To make it easy, let’s say that after Amazon’s cut, you took home $10 on each book sold. After April 1, your book will now cost $4.08 to print. So now you take home $9.92. No biggie, right?  To use a more precise example;

Before April 1, 2019 a 4” x 6” paperback between 18-1050 pages:*

  • Cost per cover: $1.14
  • Cost per page: $0.0126

After April 1, 2019 a 4” x 6” paperback between 18-1050 pages:

  • Cost per cover: $1.17
  • Cost per page: $0.129

* This example refers to a black and white interior with a colour cover.

Naturally, you can beat the price increase and print your books now if you want to do a bulk order. And don't forget Ingram offers free title upload and revisions with the special code. If you need help quickly readying your book for sale or dealing with errors on upload, reach out.

Understanding Variable Printing Costs

There are a number of choices you need to make in order to reach a conclusive cost estimate for your printing with IngramSpark. There can be fees to register your title and handle the order for starters. Plus, shifts in the page colour, font size, trim size and binding can make each page slightly more expensive. When adding this up over hundreds of pages, the cost change can be significant.

We encourage you to look through these tips on creating covers and what can impact your book size and therefore cost. We also have an extensive look at the popular trim sizes. Plus we have a resource that can help you get a free title setup. We also interviewed the head of IngramSpark, who offered up her 12 tips for indie authors.

Finally, if you’re an indie author looking for help on any of the steps on your publishing journey, we can help. Be sure to look at our services in the menu above. You can reach out at any time, of course. We also recommend signing up for our newsletter, as we will be shortly be adding indie author coaching and webinars to our available services.  Plus, we frequently publish free guides.

Printing in Australia with IngramSpark

What about printing in Australia? The IngramSpark price increase does not impact Australian printing costs. So that is not only a win for the Aussies, but also international authors who sell their books into Australia.

Chris Stead

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