Introducing Ask Kate

There are always so many questions for new authors and experienced authors. The learning journey to publish is a big one. And sometimes when you ask these questions, you get so many responses you end up more confused than ever. We’re here to help. Ask me your questions and I will give you one answer or let you know if I can’t find it.

Background remover serviceWho Am I To Answer Your Questions?

I’m Kate Stead, co-founder of Old Mate Media. I’ve been immersed in indie publishing for five years now, working across all the major platforms. I’ve also spent many years working on major projects, events, marketing and communications strategies in the corporate sector. My fellow co-founder and husband Chris Stead has been in publishing for 20 years, with a wealth of experience across print and digital. Between the two of us, we have most areas covered.

How Can I Ask Questions?

There are three easy ways for you to ask us questions. You can pop them in this article as a comment. Or you can send us an email to Finally you can jump on Facebook and post them as a comment on one of our videos.

Where Will You Answer the Questions?

I’ll answer the questions as Facebook lives. Generally I’ll post one each day, but there will be some days I’ll miss for sure (those children of ours can be quite demanding). Keep an eye out for them there – but don’t worry we’ll share them here as well and to our  YouTube channel.

What If I Need More Help?

If you’d like to chat through your book plans or current issues, we’re here. Just book in a time to chat via my Calendly scheduler. Or if you can’t see one that suits there, email to organise a time.  You can also sign up to our author newsletter to get regular tips, specials and news.


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