My Birthday Cake Needs A New Home, a Picture Book Out Now on Apple Books

Looking for a tasty new Children’s Picture Book to read the kids at bedtime? Look no further than the latest book from author Chris Stead.

Previously available via Amazon for the Kindle, I’m happy to announce today that my latest picture book, My Birthday Cake Needs A New Home has just arrived on Apple Books. Your kids can now enjoy this tasty little tale on iPhone, iPad and Mac, via the Apple Books app.

You can pick it up right here.

What is My Birthday Cake Needs A New Home Picture Book all about?

How lucky is this little girl? Her mother has baked her a massive cake for her birthday party with chocolate and cream and thick icing – yummy! In fact, it is so big that it towers over all the presents and party food. There is so much leftover, however, it cannot fit in the fridge. So where can this little girl hide this delicious cake so that her baby brother cannot eat it? And how much mess can she make on her quest without getting in trouble?

We’ve gone for a very different art style with this book. I wanted it to feel light and funny throughout, as the tale is deliberately silly and even a little slapstick. However, in the mind of a child, in which birthday cake sits incredibly high in the priority list, they’ll be able to relate to this little girl’s desire to horde all the yummy cake.

Please let us know what you think and, as always, the best way to support indie writers like us is to spread the work and to leave reviews. This is what most directly allows us to make new books.

My Birthday Cake Needs a New Home is also out on Kindle.


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