Old Mate Media’s Chris Stead Up for Writing Award

The IT Journalism event finalists have been announced and Old Mate Media founder Chris Stead is in the running for a writing award.

Writing Award

Now in its 15th year, the IT Journo awards – more commonly known as The Lizzies – are about to be announced. On May 12, the finalists and industry will converge on Sydney’s Luna Park for a celebratory night and to select the lucky winners. The annual event celebrates the best Australian writers and media outlets in the country for the proceeding calendar year. Across the 20 categories are some of the best new and veteran names and brands in the industry.

We’re incredibly happy then to reveal that Old Mate Media founder Chris Stead is among the finalists and up for a writing award. In addition to his role in the self-publishing industry writing, editing, designing and publishing books, he is a veteran games journalist. A previous writing award winner, over the past 20-years he has presided over some of the biggest brands in media. This includes Game Informer, GamePro, Official PlayStation Magazine, Maxim and plenty more. As a result, he continues to contribute analysis on the games industry to multiple outlets.

Chris Stead is up for the Game Journalist of the Year against some stiff competition. In addition to producing content, Chris works as a consultant on editorial direction for finder.com.au with particular focus on the company’s technology channel. We’re excited that a finalist in three categories is the finder.com.au website. Hopefully, when they’re handing out the writing award and site awards, there will be plenty to celebrate.

Nintendo Switch Guide and Grab It Magazine

In recent years, Chris has been experimenting with new ways of providing games content. Subsequently, he founded the digital app magazine Grab It, which was focused on the coverage of indie iOS games. A finalist in the Digital Magazine Award, it’s a truly unique reading experience. Since its launch, there are nine episodes are available, each maximising the digital format.

That’s not all. Chris just published a digital guide for the launch of the Nintendo Switch video games console. Released prior to the console going on sale, it provided hands-on analysis on the machine, controllers, accessories and games. The Nintendo Switch is storming the charts, so this guide is a good place to learn more.

Wish Chris luck for the writing award, and congratulate him on being recognised.

Nintendo Switch Guide Cover


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