About Us


About Us

Old Mate Media is a family run, independent book publisher from Sydney, Australia. Our goal is to help indie authors and illustrators from across the world get published. Our team may be small, but we have decades of experience as professional writers, editors, designers, developers and marketers. We’ve won awards and worked with some of the biggest brands on the planet. And we want to focus all that experience and ability on helping you in your pursuit of publishing success.


Chris, Kate and family

What is Old Mate Media?

Old Mate Media was officially formed in 2013 on the sunny shores of Sydney, Australia. However, its origins go back to 1996. It was then founder Chris Stead first began his journey into media, working on early video games magazines and websites. Over time, he climbed through the ranks and spread his wings across many different subjects in the entertainment and lifestyle categories. He launched a number of international magazines and websites into the Australian market, and became an expert in content creation, editing, design and marketing.

Eventually he found his way to the role of digital, online and print editor for the Australian wing of one of the biggest magazines on the planet, Game Informer. After receiving multiple awards and taking the magazine to the number one spot for the category, he left to found Old Mate Media. The goal, to use his 20-years of experience to begin creating his own entertainment experiences, and to offer those skills up to clients of all shapes and sizes. And around him, a growing team of web developers, writers, app creators, designers and marketers.

What Are Old Mate Media’s Goals?

  • To build a large library of original material across multiple categories.
  • To bring that content to people in print and digital form, all across the world.
  • To help individuals become published authors and earning an income from their work
  • To help businesses create media that can extend their brand and enrich their customers
  • To provide cost effective and world-class content to our clients
  • To continue to experiment and push new mediums to their limits

How Can You Contact Old Mate Media?

We’re always looking for new opportunities to create content. We can plug into existing frameworks, or work independently as required. And for authors and illustrators, we can help anywhere along the journey from idea to being published.

Simply click on the purple button to the right to book a time to chat or send us a message and we'll be in touch.

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