Marketing Your Children's or Non-Fiction Book


Marketing Your Children's or Non-Fiction Book

Marketing your new book can often feel like an impossible task. Where do you start? What is most important? Should you advertise? Seek media exposure? There are so many options.

Firstly, you should know that everyone feels overwhelmed when thinking about marketing their book. Most authors are much more comfortable creating than selling. Making the jump to thinking about your creative outlet as a product is a hard one to do.

Luckily, Old Mate Media is here to help you navigate the marketing options for your book. We offer two distinct marketing services.


Option 1: Sales Optimization on Amazon and other platforms

The sales optimization is best for you if you are planning to focus your sales on Amazon. The goal is to make it easier for people to find your book and buy it once they find it.

We use keyword and category tools to find keywords for you that will help your book be found more easily. We’re looking for the keywords that may be slightly less obvious but are more searched with less competition. Somewhat like SEO for your book.

Once we have those, we write a book description for you that is designed to break down barriers to purchase for readers. Then we sprinkle the keywords through this to help with the Amazon SEO. This is where the combined skills of Old Mate Media work well for you. Kate writes the sales blurbs in marketing speak and Chris finesses them to bring them up a notch to flow more creatively.

Finally, we find the best categories for you to target to get bestseller status, and give you a target number of daily sales to get that status.

As part of this service, we’ll create the html coded description and manage the upload process to Amazon and/or IngramSpark.


Option 2: Creation of a Marketing Strategy

If Amazon doesn’t form the core of your launch and sales plan then a different approach will generate a better return. Kate will work one-on-one with you to create a strategy for you that gives you a step by step plan for the three months around your book launch.

Kate will talk through what’s going to work for your book, where you want to target sales, what will suit your skillset best and what resources you have available.

Then she’ll use that to create a plan that will tap into effective strategies, but tailor them to your life, your resources and your skills.

Option 3: Create your author media kit using our planner

An author media kit is an essential part of your sales and promotion toolkit. This is your tool to promote yourself to bloggers, podcasts, reviewers, radio, TV and print media.

Not even sure where to start? Start with our media kit planner - designed to help you create a rock star author media kit over the weekend.

Download now for $34.99 USD.

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Not sure if you need marketing help?

If you are unsure whether you want to engage someone to help with marketing, the best thing to do is book in a time to chat with Kate about your book and your plans. Just head to the Contact Us page to book in your call and chat with one of the Old Mate Media founders.

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