Old Mate Media Indie Author Discount Program


Old Mate Media Indie Author Discount Program

If you have kind things to say about Old Mate Media’s book publishing services, we want to reward you for spreading the word. Join our affiliate rewards program and save on your next book.

Here at Old Mate Media, we love it when authors refer us on to their friends, colleagues and connections. It makes us feel so happy that you are confident in our services and we greatly appreciate your faith in our work. After seeing so many of our indie authors share positive thoughts about our services with their spheres of influence, we decoded to come up with a thank you. A reward where we can give indie authors a little something back for their kindness.

Refer & save on your next book

Refer a Friend and Save

If you refer an indie author to Old Mate Media and they take up one of our services, you will receive a credit to the value of 10% of the total spend of the person you referred. This can be used on your next order. We felt this was a great way to help indie authors get the world class books they deserve.

So if your refer someone who takes up a $1,000 package with us, you’ll get $100 off your next order. Which is enough for one of our famous developmental edits.

These can accumulate, so if you refer multiple people before you take your order, you can attribute the entire reward to your next quote.

Benefits for Your Friend, Too

Of course it’s not all about you. Your author friend will also receive a bonus in thanks for being part of the program. They will receive an keyword and competitor analysis for free. This vital research step, conducted at any stage in the the book publishing journey can help authors best position their book for sales success.

What do you Need to do to Refer a Friend?

We will need to know that the referral came from you. We’d appreciate you registering your interest in the affiliate program first so that we can best identify you should you be name-dropped by an incoming author. Alternatively, you can send us an email cc’ing the author you are referring. You can always tag us in any social media discussions as well.

We’ll then let you know if they take up a contract with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I refer a friend from anywhere in the world?
Yes, we are based in Sydney, Australia, but operate globally.

How many people can I refer to Old Mate Media with this promotion?
As many as you like, provided they are genuine personal connections of yours and aren’t already Old Mate Media customers. It’s important to us that authors don’t break any spam rules.

What if the author takes more than one service?
Assuming that service is booked at the same time, you will receive a reward based on the total amount. For example, some authors will take a developmental edit, use our artists and get us to design the books. So you’d get a 10% discount on that total amount. Sometimes, however, people just pick one particular service that they need.

What happens if the authors takes more services in the future?
This will be a separate transaction at a different junction in time and will not count towards the 10% reward.

When do I find out my discount?
As soon as a referred author has taken up one or more of our services, we’ll let you know the estimated reward. Once the final payment has been made by your referred author, we’ll know the final budget and therefore your 10% reward. You’ll be notified at that time what your final discount is, which we will also have recorded at our end.

What is the process?
I know this is a little confusing, so here is an example with figures.

  1. Eric refers Mai to Old Mate Media.
  2. Mai gets her print book designed at a total cost of $1000*
  3. Eric receives a $100 credit for his next service with Old Mate Media
  4. Eric then refers Tina to Old Mate Media
  5. Tina has her book designed, optimised, edited and digitalised for $2000*
  6. Eric receives an additional $200 credit. He now has $300 credit with Old Mate Media

*Round figure chosen for easy example – all quotes are individual

Does it matter which Old Mate Media service they use?
No. They can take up any of our services and you will still receive the discount.

Can I use the discount on an existing contract?
No. The discount will be applied to future contracts, not those where the work has been agreed and commenced.

What happens if the author cancels their agreement with Old Mate Media?
If the author you referred cancels their agreement, you will only receive a 10% reward on the services and payments completed before the cancellation.

Can I really get an entire free book created?
Yes! If you build your credit up, you will be able to get an entire free book created using this program.

How do I check on my referral credit?
Just email our assistant Mark and he’ll update you on your current referral discount credit level.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All referrals must be received by Old Mate Media prior to us providing the referred author with their initial quote.
  2. No discounts will be applied to current contracts.
  3. As the referrer, you can refer multiple clients, and receive multiple discounts.
  4. There is no limit to the rewards that you can accumulate as long as all terms and conditions are met.
  5. Referral credits cannot be transferred to another author.
  6. Any portion of the Author Referral Program may be changed, amended, or cancelled, for any reason, without prior notice to clients. However, any credit accumulated prior to any changes will be fulfilled.
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