Children’s Book Publisher for Digital, Website and Print-On-Demand


Children’s Book Publisher for Digital, Website and Print-On-Demand

Are you an indie author who needs a publisher? You've created your children’s picture book and now it needs readers. Old Mate Media will help you get your book published.

If you have a book, then you need a publisher, but the how and where of publishing is more diverse than you may think. For aspiring authors the aspiration and end goal is still to create a physical book that is sold in stores. However, this traditional route is not the only option available to you. There are three other methods of selling your book with which you can begin experimenting. They require minimal investment, and you retain full control and royalties. Plus, if certain aspects aren’t connecting with readers, you can easily reassess and republish.

So what are these three methods?

You can publish a book through an online retailer such as the App Store, Amazon, Kobo and plenty more. You can host the book for sale on your own website, and allow people to purchase it digitally through you. Or you can opt for a print-on-demand service, which you can host through your website or activate via a retailer like Amazon. In this instance, a consumer who wants a hard copy of your book can order it and receive it on a sale-by-sale basis.

Regardless of the method, a publisher like Old Mate Media can take care of this process for you, and get your book on sale faster.

Publishing your Children’s Book to Online Retailers

Old Mate Media will have created a version of your book in the ePub format if you used our Design Service. This is the format that is accepted by most online retailers. If not, you will have hopefully received one from you previous designer, or can provide the existing files to Old Mate Media so we can do the conversion. ePubs can be uploaded directly to most retailers, except Amazon who requires its own Mobi format. Converting an ePub to Mobi is relatively simple. However, if you have taken our advanced design features - like audio and interactivity - some may not carry across.

Publishing to online retailers does toss up a number of fiddly challenges. You will need to look into keywords, book classification, item descriptions, screenshots and more. On top of this, you may have to deal with little issues that automatic upload software can present. This could include font embedding issues, or image resolution concerns. These gremlins may not manifest during design, but only appear during publishing. Being a publisher does involve some costs. For example, you need to be a registered Apple developer to place Apple Books on the App Store.

Old Mate Media’s publisher service takes care of all of this for you. We book a book to you ready for upload to your online retailers of choice, with supporting documentation. Alternatively, Old Mate Media can publish your book through our own accounts. In this instance, you don’t have to pay developer fees (we’ve already paid them). Plus it is easier for readers to find your book through our other releases. You will also receive promotion through our social channels and articles. We will transfer revenue generated by your books to your account at the start of every month.

Here is what you can expect from Old Mate Media’s children’s book publishing service:

  • Your book on sale quickly
  • Bug-fixing of issues encountered during upload process
  • Management of any changes or additions over time
  • Help constructing and editing your product descriptions
  • Keyword and classification assistance
  • Cross-promotion through other Old Mate Media books
  • Book and Author listing on Old Mate Media
  • Promotion through Old Mate Media’s social channels and articles
  • Monthly transfers of revenue

Publishing and Selling a Children’s Book on your Website

In order to publish a book to your own website, you will need to have an e-commerce system. If you use Old Mate Media’s Website Service, then we’ll recommend that system as part of the build. In order to get your book prepared for sale via this method, you need to take our Design Service. Perhaps you already have a book in another format and need it converted? Alternatively, we may have created the whole book from scratch and already have it in a format suitable for sale.

Publishing a Children’s Book using Print-On-Demand

In order to use print-on-demand services, you need your book designed for hard copy production. This uses our Design Service. Just note that the design of a book for a use on digital formats versus hard copy print is different. In digital, you generally have a single page displayed at once, whereas in print you have two pages facing each other. Plus, in print, depending on the size of the book, you need significantly higher resolution images.

Note: Any book designed and prepared for print-on-demand services, is also ready for any sort of print. Therefore, you can submit this format to traditional publishers, too.

Children’s Book Publishing Service Price Expectations

If we didn’t design your book, we don’t know if it has any issues prior to uploading to a retailer. This is because an ePub can work perfectly fine in one viewer, and not in another. Consequently, the price changes depending on the status of your book. Depending on the scale of any changes, and the frequency, there can be some costs for upkeep, too. This would be assessed independently for each situation. In general, however, the publishing process is a quite straightforward and inexpensive part of the process.

For more information on this service, please email us.

Here are our other services; and remember that we can bundle a few together depending on your needs:

Writer - Step 1
Editing - Step 2
Art - Step 3
Design - Step 4

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