Who is Adam X?

Old Mate Media is readying the release of a novel for Christmas that science-fiction fans should definitely put on their radar.

Adam X and Anne Toy

Adam X is coming! We’ve become well known for our children’s picture books here at Old Mate Media, but it is not the only thing we do. In fact, we’ve also released a cookbook and a comic in the past, and we’re working on a number of projects that branch out into new territory. This includes full-length novel such as Adam Exitus by Nicholas Abdilla. It stars the mysterious Adam X.

We’re starting to get very excited about the Adam Exitus project, which is one of 11 currently nearing completion. So excited, in fact, that Abdilla is already envisaging the resulting toy line after the book has gone number one across the world. Well maybe that is looking too far ahead, but it’s just part of the fun. The image above is a little bit of a pre-release indulgence, showing off a very, very rare Adam X toy. It may give you some clues to who Adam X is, but also bout Anne? How does she fall into the story?

Abdilla has been working on the Adam X universe for ten years, and Adam Exitus will represent the first release in a grander series. It will introduce Adam X, but who is Adam X? Well for now that will remain caged in secrecy, although we invite you to speculate based on the cover below.

Old Mate Media founder Chris Stead is currently editing and designing the final draft. Everything is on track for a pre-Christmas release. We cannot wait to get it into your hands; Abdilla’s vision for this book and its sequels is quite extraordinary.

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Adam Exitus by Nicholas Abdilla and Chris Stead


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