Author Interview with Scott Riekstins

Chris Stead
 | Updated March 8, 2021

Author Interview with Scott Riekstins

Chris Stead
 | Updated March 8, 2021

Come behind the scenes and join us for the second of our author interview series where we chat to authors about their books and their author journey. Scott Riekstins has written two unique and entertaining children's books and a collection of poetry. Today he talks to us about his latest book Wink and The New Tattoo

WinkTell us about your book?

Wink and the new tattoo is about a balloon character that runs away from his creator and finds himself meeting new friends in a circus tent. He decides that he wants a tattoo and will stop at nothing to get one. Ignoring advice from others, he sets off to fulfill his dream of getting inked.

Why did you want to write this story?

I originally wanted to write the story because I came up with a hilarious concept that had me laughing out loud.

Somewhere after the first draft and before the final edits, it morphed into so much more. I found myself in the story. What I mean by that is... I could relate to the main character on many levels. Like other children's picture book authors, once their book is completed it's more a complex biography than a simple children's book.

What's been the best reaction from a reader so far?

After a reading there was a 2nd grade girl that stood next to me, she tugged on my shirt and said...

"Wink is my new favorite book."

It was a fabulous moment that I won't soon forget.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I believe inspiration is compiled in our brains from everything we've ever seen, heard, felt, dreamt and imagined. I can't pinpoint exactly where it comes from in the moment.

You can't force it, call to it, or rely on it just being there when it's convenient for you.

When it is present and giving, I embrace it.

I suppose it's kinda like a cat.


Wink meets the tattoo artist in Wink and The New Tattoo

What's the most fun part of being an author?

Author visits. I enjoy the interactions with the children in the classrooms before, during and especially after a reading. Workshops are usually part of the visit.

In many cases, the teachers work on rhyming and poetry before the visit. It is a great honor for me to hear the poems they write.

What's your tip for parents to encourage reading?

Have a reading hour at least 3 times per week. Put away all the phones, turn off the TV, close the laptops and break out some books. Make it mandatory, a house rule so to speak. Parents need to participate or the kids will look at it as some type of punishment. Read funny books out loud to each other. Sharing in laughter between pages of a children's book makes everyone feel good.

What's your favourite children's book of all time and why?

One of my all time favorites is a book written and illustrated by the brilliant Shel Silverstein- "The giving tree."

I am so fond of it because the message is very powerful.

Scott Riekstins is a native of Kirkland Washington and the owner/operator of Green Auto Detail. He has worked on world famous movie cars such as the original Batmobile and the James Bond Aston Martin DB5 seen in Goldfinger. His new love of producing children's picture books has evolved from many years of writing poetry and short stories. Scott has published two children's picture books, a book of poetry and is currently working on two more children's picture books. Scott spends his free time questioning..."What exactly is free time?"

You can find out more about Scott at his website. Or you can keep in touch by following him on Facebook or Instagram.

Where to Next?

We hope you enjoyed this insight into Scott Riekstins life as an independent author and his creative process. I always find the stories behind the books make the books even more interesting for us as parents to read. If you'd like to keep in touch with our books, see more author stories and get some great goodies, do sign up to our newsletter. You can also see our fabulous books in our shop. Plus of course, you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Chris Stead

Chris Stead is an award-winning author and editor with over 26-years of experience in the publishing industry. After publishing over 1000 magazines and launching a dozen commercial websites, fatherhood saw him turn his attention to the world of children's picture books and self-publishing. He now makes books for himself and countless indie authors around the globe.

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