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When Old Mate Media isn’t busy working with clients on their websites, books, magazines and apps, the team is beavering away on the company’s original in-house publications. This includes Old Mate Media’s famous children’s picture books. Below you will find the links to the whole catalogue of releases by Old Mate Media. Please remember to review anything that you purchase on their respective stores. It makes a huge difference to our presence and ensures we’re able to make more books.

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Latest Release

Superheroes Wear Masks

Released: December 26,  2020
Category: Children’s Books, Mental Health, Kids Safety.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many children across the world have been forced to wear masks. This has led to a lot of COVID anxiety in kids as they struggle with the discomfort and fear of wearing masks. This children’s book helps keep kids safe by normalising the use of masks through a delightful children’s adventure book. The story shows how wearing masks was already common among many heroes in our community who need to keep themselves safe during their everyday lives.

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Superheroes Wear Masks Cover
Adam Nexus Cover

Adam X: Book 3 – Adam Nexus

Released: December 5,  2020
Category: Science-Fiction, Young Adult

The third book in the beloved Adam X series sees authors Nicholas Abdilla and Chris Stead travel back in time. Set 335 years before the cloning of Adam X, we relive one of the most eventful moments in the EDN’s history. One that has major consequences for the heroes of the first two books and all life in the universe. If you’re looking for a massive, immersive new universe to lose yourself in – one full of mystery, humour, history and science – look no further.

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PlayStation 5 Gaming Guide

Released: October 28,  2020
Category: Video Games, Guide.

Sony’s new PlayStation 5 video game console has landed and it changes the way we play. Full of innovative new features and armed with incredible power, understanding what the PS5 can do and which games to get is a key part of any gamers purchasing plans. This guide provides gamers with everything they need to know about the PlayStation 5 console, as well as running through the best games of the launch window!

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PS5 Gaming Guide Book 2
Gentle George Cover

Gentle George

Released: September 30,  2020
Category: Chapter Book, Historical Fiction

Back in the good ol’ days, there was a pit pony called Gentle George. He worked every day deep down in the tunnels of Grubb’s Coal Mine in Yorkshire, England. George had a gentle nature, but a big heart. In this children’s historical chapter book, discover the heroic deeds of Gentle George as he fights to save the miners when a freak storm floods the mine shaft, trapping them all in the dark.

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Nintendo Switch Gaming Guide

Released: July 31,  2020
Category: Video games, Guide

Whether you’re new to the Nintendo Switch or have been playing it for years, this essential gaming guide will ensure you get the best out of your experience. It includes information and insight into the Nintendo Switch console, its accessories and the online service. It also features 78 game reviews and hundreds of cheats and tips. Written to be family friendly by Chris Stead, a veteran gaming journalist.

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Nintendo Switch Gaming Guide Cover Big
Adam Exiled Cover

Adam X: Book 2 – Adam Exiled

Released: June 6,  2020
Category: Science-Fiction, Young Adult

The second book in the legendary Adam X series covers the dramatic events that unfold when the tenth clone of Adam Furst and his Floran partner Eve try to survive in Ancient Egypt. In keeping with authors Nicholas Abdilla and Chris Stead’s mind-bending sci-fi drama, you’ll be surprised, shocked and entertained at every page turn. The most exciting new entry in the science-fiction genre in years takes it up a gear in this must-read sequel.

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Ultimate At Home Activities for Kids

Released: April 10,  2020
Category: Children’s Activies, Arts and Crafts.

Take the stress out of parenting in isolation with this curated guide to over 150 free activities for kids to do at home in an easy-to-follow, themed, 14-day schedule. Are you struggling to entertain your children at home while dealing with coronavirus isolation? Feeling overwhelmed by the deluge of choices available online? Do you need an isolation guide for parents with 14-days’ worth of free activities for kids? Us too! That’s why we’ve created the Ultimate At Home Activities for Kids guide. A curated selection of the best free at home activities for kids that can be accessed by parents wherever you are in the world. Isolation or home-schooling during COVID-19 can be fun after all!

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Ultimate At Home Activities for Kids
Let The Sad Thoughts Out Cover

Let The Sad Thoughts Out

Released: March 31,  2020
Category: Children’s Book

Does your child struggle to talk about what they’re feeling inside? As a parent, do you struggle to explain why they should talk about their feelings? You are not alone. Award-winning writer Chris Stead wrote Let the Sad Thoughts Out as a means of connecting with his three children as they faced their daily emotional struggles. It breaks down the barrier that stops kids talking about the things that make them sad in a way any child can understand.

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Brian the Field Mouse

Released: December 17,  2018
Category: Children’s Book

Brian is a small, but mischievous mouse always looking beyond the borders of his happy home on the farm. Sick of the same old food and same old sights, one day he decides to seek adventure and go travelling. Will he meet friends or foes on the way? Will he find what he seeks outside the farm? Follow Brian’s adventures in this fantastic addition to the Old Mate Media collection of short adventure stories for kids by veteran UK writer Ken Mackenzie.

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Brian the Field Mouse Cover
Christmas Chimney Challenge Cover

Christmas Chimney Challenge

Released: November 25,  2018
Category: Children’s Book

Book IV of The Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly series has arrived and boy has our hero got himself into a lot of trouble this time. In the pursuit of more presents at Christmas, Willy and his dog build loads of chimneys up on his roof to try and trick Santa. However, this causes chaos at the Elf Toy Factory and Christmas could end up cancelled altogether! Can Willy and his dog get from the North Pole back to their home so they can knock down the chimneys in time? Maybe they can get some help from a red-nosed friend?

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Jasper the Very Lucky Kitten

Released: November 23,  2017
Category: Children’s Book

Jasper is a very curious and adventurous little kitten. What will happen as he ventures into the garden, up on the roof, into the pipes and even on a bus! Follow his escapades and misadventures in this adorable and engaging children’s story by English author and fan of cat picture books, Ken Mackenzie. With many locations, an easy to remember refrain and a subtle message of love and safety this sweet cat story will delight children and grandchildren alike. It will also be loved by fans of cat story books for children such as Pete the Cat by Eric Litwin and White Cat Black Cat by Sigal Adler and grandchildren alike.

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Jasper the Very Lucky Kitten cover
The Making of Monument Valley Cover

The Making of Monument Valley: Secrets Behind the Best Video Games

Released: June 9,  2017
Category: Video Games

Award-winning games journalist Chris Stead walks fans through the making of blockbuster mobile game Monument Valley. The Making of Monument Valley features an in-depth, exclusive interview with Ken Wong. Ken Wong was the lead designer and artist for ustwo Games, the developer of Monument Valley. It also includes work in progress imagery and anecdotes. Plus there analysis of the game, its expansion and its sequel.

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Adam X: Book 1 – Adam Exitus

Released: March 3,  2017
Category: Science-Fiction

Adam Exitus is the debut novel by Australia’s most exciting new science-fiction voice, Nicholas Abdilla and edited by award-winning author Chris Stead. It is also the first book in the Adam X series, a massive, immersive new universe in the tradition of epic space sagas like Star Wars, Hyperion and Imperial Radch, and inspired by authors like Timothy Zahn, Kevin J. Anderson, James Luceno and Michael Anderle. Filled with mystery, romance and heart-pounding action, it’s the best science-fiction book of 2017.

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Adam Exitus by Nicholas Abdilla and Chris Stead
Nintendo Switch Guide Cover

Nintendo Switch – The Complete Insider’s Guide

Released: February 19,  2017
Category: Video Games

Are you interested in the Nintendo Switch? In this unofficial guide, award-winning games magazine journalist Chris Stead uses his 20-years of experience and early hands-on access to the Switch to give you an essential expert opinion. This guide includes everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch, a unique console handheld hybrid. Nintendo’s follow-up to the Wii U and companion to the 3DS offers plenty of innovation and there is a lot you need to understand. This buyer’s guide for the Nintendo Switch is your essential companion.

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Can You See The Magic?

Released: September 2016
Category: Children’s Books

Award winning author Chris Stead and pioneering Australian artist Els Dirickx collaborate on this stunning children’s picture book about discovering magic in the world around you. A young brother and sister can see magical scenes unfolding in the patterns and blemishes on normal everyday objects, but their father does not believe it is true. So they set off across their farm together, and stumble upon all kinds of magical items as they try to prove to their dad there is magic before the sun sets.

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This is the cover for A Very Strange Zoo, a children's picture book by Chris Stead.

A Very Strange Zoo

Released: June 2016
Category: Children’s Books

On a little island a young inventor is creating all kinds of crazy things, but the loud noise he makes in his tiny house has scared everyone else to the mainland. Lonely, he decides to use the rubbish washed up on the beach to build his own animal friends. When a freak storm hits the island a bolt of lightning strikes his animal inventions bringing them all to life. The result is a very strange zoo that all his old friends are desperate to come and see. All art is original and hand-painted.

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The Fastest Kid in the World

Released: May 2016
Category: Children’s Books

In his third adventure, Willy and his dad decide to build a billycart, but it doesn’t go fast enough to do big skids. So Willy comes up with a big idea; what if he takes the billycart to the top of the tallest hill in town, and coats the wheels with slippery soap. If you like fast cars, big jumps, funny crashes and crazy racing, you’ll love what happens next! This is also the first book in the series to feature sound effects.

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The cover for Willy Nilly's The Fastest Kid in the World picture book
Game Guy Video Games Comic by Nicholas Abdilla and Chris Stead

Game Guy Season 1

Released: May 2016
Category: Comic Book

Plagued by pirates? Troubled by trolls? Game Guy is the console powered superhero for you! With the help of his OP sidekick Handheld, the digital duo protects the gaming community and fight to end video game crime! Enjoy all 27 episodes of the first season of Game Guy in this book, each providing a satirical look at modern video games and having a ball turning all the clichés on their head. Conceived and illustrated by ex-games retailer Nicholas Abdilla, and overseen by ex-Game Informer editor Chris Stead, no game character or industry topic is left unscathed.

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My Birthday Cake Needs a New Home

Released: April 2016 (iOS), January 2016 (Kindle)
Category: Children’s Books

How lucky is this little girl? Her mother has baked her a massive cake for her birthday party with chocolate and cream and thick icing – yummy! In fact, it is so big that it towers over all the presents and party food. There is so much leftover, however, it cannot fit in the fridge. So where can this little girl hide this delicious cake so that her baby brother cannot eat it? And how much mess can she make on her quest without getting in trouble? Enjoy the all original art: it’s good enough to eat!

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My Birthday Cake Needs a New Home Cover
Follow the Breadcrumbs Cover

Follow the Breadcrumbs – Book #2 of The Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly Series

Released: March 2016
Category: Children’s Books

In his second adventure, we head with Willy Nilly on one of his many bike rides down to the local lake so he can feed the ducks. It is there, one hot summer’s day, that Willy has a big idea: why not build a pond in his backyard? That way he can lure some ducks up to visit from the local lake so he doesn’t have to ride all the way down there to visit. But his plan backfires dramatically when all the local wildlife turn up in his backyard. How will he feed them all? And how will he clean up the mess?

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Kate’s Thermo Cookbook – Top 50 Family Recipes

Released: February 2016
Category: Cookbook

Kate is a mother of three armed with a Bellini Kitchen Master Thermomix who knows what it’s like to feed five hungry mouths every night. This cookbook provides a collection of her 50 favourite family recipes, all of which she has prepared in a thermo cooker and tested on her family. Expect easy step-by-step instructions, authentic photos of the food in progress, insights and tips, and guides on what works best with children and for leftovers. Put together with husband (and author) Chris, this book is broken into five main sections – dinners, doughs, sauces, desserts and sides – with lamb, beef, chicken, fish, pork and vegetarians meals among many tasty treats.

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Kate's Thermo Cookbook Cover

Trouble At The Zoo

Released: December 2015
Category: Children’s Books

This children’s picture book tells a wondrous tale of a mischievous little elephant called Tiny who causes mayhem at the city zoo when she uses the keeper’s keys to unlock her cage and those of her animal friends. Together the animal kids and their parents head off to explore the world on a big adventure. With original, stunning art, this delightful little tale will be loved by children with a fondness for animals.

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The Little Green Boat – Book #1 of The Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly Series

Released: January 2015
Category: Children’s Books

In his first big adventure, a trip to the beach takes an interesting turn when Willy Nilly discovers an abandoned boat in the sand. He jumps in this little green boat, only to be washed out to sea by a giant wave. He must enlist the help of some dolphins, who take him to a tropical island where Willy must survive monkeys, bats, crocodiles and more if he is to find the secret treasure chest and a way home. As our first experience with Willy Nilly, we see how his ordinary activities spiral into epic adventures as the real world, and the world powered by his imagination, merge into one.

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Grab It Review Example

Grab It – The Indie Video Games Magazine – Nine Episodes

Released: Since 2013
Category: Video Games

Grab It is a digital magazine for the iPad focused on the coverage of indie video games. Run by the former editor of Game Informer, you’ll find worldwide exclusives, but also an interactive media experience unlike any you have seen before. If you have an iPad, you should check out the free sample issue at the very least, or enjoy one of our other episodes as listed below.

Get Every Episode:
Episode 1 – Includes The Making of République (*free sample issue*)
Episode 2 – Includes The Making of Oceanhorn
Episode 3 – Includes The Making of Monument Valley
Episode 4 – Includes The Making of Last Inua
Episode 5 – Includes The Making of World of Tanks Blitz
Grab It Episodes 2-5 Bundle
Episode 6 – Includes The Making of Magic the Gathering
Episode 7 – Includes The Making of Tiny Troopers Alliance and Midnight Star
Episode 8 – The PAX AUS edition
Grab It Presents Nihilumbra – Classics Collection
Grab It Presents Ultimate Indie Game Reviews Vol 1.