Win big in the Picture Book Bonanza Competition

Chris Stead
 | Updated March 8, 2021

Win big in the Picture Book Bonanza Competition

Chris Stead
 | Updated March 8, 2021

We're delighted to announce the Old Mate Media Book Bonanza Competition. You can win an amazing bonanza of children's books delivered to your door. Surprise your kids or put them aside for Christmas.

BooksWhat Can I Win in the Book Bonanza Competition?

You can win a collection of nine books, valued at over $150 USD.

The books you can win are:

  • The Giving Tree
  • The Magnificent Thing
  • The Wonderful Things You Will Be
  • Hey Grandude!
  • Dragon Love Tacos
  • The Little Green Boat
  • Follow The Breadcrumbs
  • Christmas Chimney Challenge
  • My Birthday Cake Needs a New Home

What Do I Need To Do To Win The Book Bonanza Competition?

Winning this competition is so easy. All you have to do is click on the WIN picture below and enter your details.

So easy. Just make sure you get your entry in before the competition closes on the 12 November.

Enter now to win

How Can I Get More Chances To Win?

There are so many easy ways to get bonus entries. You'll be a winner in no time. Just follow the instructions on the entry page and you can get bonus entries by:

  • Liking Old Mate Media on Facebook
  • Following Old Mate Media on Instagram
  • Adding our book, The Little Green Boat to your "want to read" list on Goodreads
  • Following Chris Stead on Amazon

What Else Can I Win in the Book Bonanza Competition?

The great thing about picture books, is that everyone knows someone that loves them. So we want to reward you for referring your friends to enter our fantastic Book Bonanza Giveaway.

For every friend you refer, you get 3 bonus entries. Woo hoo!

Plus we're upping the ante. If you refer 5 people to enter the competition you will receive a bonus prize, a FREE children's audio book.

And you go all out and refer 15 people - we'll send you a paperback copy of The Little Green Boat, right to your door!

How great is that!

Just remember, you need to use your unique Book Bonanza URL. You can get that from your confirmation email or from the competition page.

Where to Next?

Do make sure you enter the Book Bonanza competition and use your unique link to share it with your friends. We want you to win! In the meanwhile, you can also see our range of children’s books in our shop. Plus of course, you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Chris Stead

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