Christmas Chimney Challenge

Author: Chris Stead
Released: November 24, 2018
SeriesThe Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly

Christmas Chimney Challenge

Author: Chris Stead
Released: November 24, 2018
SeriesThe Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly

If Santa can bring one sack of toys down one chimney, how many sacks can he bring down ten chimneys?

It’s with this simple idea that Willy’s big imagination gets him into trouble yet again. With so many more chimneys arriving the day before Christmas, the elves and their toy factory can’t keep up. Christmas has been ruined. Well, unless Willy can hitch a ride home from the North Pole on a red-nosed reindeer in time.

Award-winning author Chris Stead invites readers who love kids books about Christmas, kids books about Santa and good old-fashioned kids action adventure picture books to the Christmas Chimney Challenge. This is the fourth entry in beloved Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly universe - a book series for kids. It recalls the best kids adventure books from the likes of Beatrix Potter (Peter Rabbit), Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland), Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are) and Mary Pope Osborne (Magic Tree House).

This action adventure for kids begins with Willy scribbling down his Christmas wish list.

But when he hears songs about Santa coming down a chimney to deliver presents and realises his house has no chimney, he panics. So he gets out his kids tools and builds dozens of chimneys with scrap from the junkyard. He then sprinkles them with magic dust.

Of course, this magic dust opens up a portal between the chimney and the North Pole, which Willy and his pet dog promptly fall in. Before he knows it, Willy is tumbling down a hill as a giant snowball, slamming right into the Toy Factory. There he sees all the problems his greed for more toys has caused and vows to get back and take down all the chimneys before Christmas.

If only there was a flying reindeer that could help him out!

The Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly series takes simple everyday activities – like writing the best Christmas wish list – then twists it through the lens of a child’s imagination. Are these adventures really happening to Willy Nilly or are they just occurring in his mind? Perhaps for a child, reality and make believe aren’t necessarily different things. Christmas Chimney Challenge is sure to be enjoyed by those looking for the best Christmas children’s books, and the best action adventure books of all time.

Don’t forget to read Willy’s other big adventure books, The Little Green Boat, Follow the Breadcrumbs and The Fastest Kid in the World.

Chris Stead

Writing has been a part of Chris Stead’s life since he was very young. In fact, he won the “creative writing” award way back in Year 3 at school as a seven-year-old. During his senior school years, Chris wrote constantly, be it stories while he was sitting at his desk in class not concentrating on […]

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