Day 7: Myself, Himself & Other Elves

The book for day 7 our 12 Books of Christmas is Myself, Himself & Other Elves by Amanda Miller

Myself-Himself-Other-ElvesAbout the Book

Meet Tilda, Otto and their elvish friends in the splendour of Lapland as they busily prepare for the Christmas deliveries. There’s so much to do, surely, nothing could go wrong? The friendly rhythmic text and warm cheerful illustrations will engage young readers again and again.

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Myself-Himself-Other-Elves-Book-SpreadAbout the Author

I have been teaching in a primary school in Rainham, Kent in the UK for over twenty years and am Mum to twelve-year-old Amy and nine-year-old Nathan (who always have a tale to tell, well to embellish!)  I am passionate about quality children’s literature and have always aimed to foster a love of language in children.  The power of reading manifests in writing and I am grateful to have read and been inspired by the work of Roger and Adam Hargreaves, Roald Dahl, Janet and Allan Ahlberg and Julia Donaldson to name but a few.  Festive decorations, a love of tradition and Christmassy vocabulary from my own two little elves inspired me to pen the tales of Tilda and Otto.

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