Day 9: Santa’s Reindeer

The book for day 9 our 12 Books of Christmas is Santa’s Reindeer by Brooke Stevens

Santas-ReindeerAbout the Book

Take a journey to the North Pole where Santa’s Reindeer share their unique personalities.While they are all very different, their shared passion for Christmas brings them together to make the holidays a magical time for children around the world.

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Kindle: $2.99
Paperback: $9.99

Santas-Reindeer-Book-SpreadAbout the Author

Growing up I always knew I wanted to create children’s books. I love creating characters and sharing their story.  Christmas holds a special place in my heart, so it just made sense that my first published book was about Christmas! 

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We hope you enjoyed learning about Santa’s Reindeer by Brooke Stevens. Check in again tomorrow for Day 10 of our 12 Days of Christmas Books, designed to get your picture book library stocked in time for the big day. Remember you can find out more about our books in our shop. You can also get special bonuses in our children’s books newsletter and keep in touch with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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