Five star review for Follow The Breadcrumbs

Chris Stead
 | Updated March 8, 2021

Five star review for Follow The Breadcrumbs

Chris Stead
 | Updated March 8, 2021

Old Mate Media is very excited to share some positive news about one of our books. Readers' Favorite has awarded a five star review for Follow The Breadcrumbs. 


What is Readers' Favorite?

Readers' Favorite is one of our favourite (ha ha) review sites. You can find reveiws of all sorts of books on there, from big name releases to the indie niche publications.

Their system is very democratic offering free and unbiased reviews for all authors. We are a big supporter of their work, and are proud to count several five star Readers' Favorite reviews of our books including, A Very Strange Zoo and My Birthday Cake Needs a New Home.

Readers Favorite Five Star Review of Follow The Breadcrumbs

Here is an excerpt from the review:

Follow The Breadcrumbs (The Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly Book 2) by Chris Stead is a hilarious children's picture book about a little boy that tries to simplify his life by creating a backyard pond. Willy Nilly loves visiting the ducks at the park with his grandmother, only his dad insists that he clean his room before going anywhere. Willy Nilly becomes impatient and frustrated with his parents' restrictions on his outdoor life, so he decides that if he can't go to the park, he will bring the park to him! Follow Willy Nilly on a second outrageous adventure and learn what happens when we try to take shortcuts and evade our responsibilities...."

You can read the full review at Readers' Favorite.


Where Can I Buy the Follow The Breadcrumbs?

You can get your own copy of the five star rated Follow the Breadcrumbs in digital format from  Amazon or Apple Books or be one of the first to get your copy in paperback or hardback from Amazon.

Where to Next?

Follow the Breadcrumbs is just one of our titles. You can also see our full catalogue of books in our shop. Or please do join up to our newsletter for reading tips and new books. Finally if you are thinking of creating your own children's book, please read our guide and get in touch with any questions.

Chris Stead

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