Gentle George children’s chapter book out now

Chris Stead
 | Updated May 5, 2021

Gentle George children’s chapter book out now

Chris Stead
 | Updated May 5, 2021

Old Mate Media has published Gentle George, a chapter book for early readers that explores the importance of friendship and bravery.

Working in a mine has never been a safe career, but it was even worse in the past. Before robots and vehicles and modern safety equipment. Back then, it was all done by hand. By brave men, boys and ponies, deep below the ground.

There was once such mine in the county side of England where all the men and boys spent their days down in the dark, mining coal. They were supported by the pit ponies, who had lived their entire lives away from the sun, grass and fresh air pulling loads of coal along the mine shafts. The biggest and bravest of all the pit ponies was Gentle George.

The men loved Gentle George; he was their friend.

When a freak storm arrives one day and floods the mines, the men and boys trapped at the bottom appear to be doomed. Can Gentle George use his strength and his bravery to singlehandedly save all his friends?

Gentle George is the best new chapter book of 2021

British writer Ken MacKenzie and award-winning Australian author Chris Stead have teamed up to tell this story. Gentle George is written and designed in such a way that early readers can be immersed in the story without parental help. You’ll find some simple, but beautiful art with each chapter, too. This helps young imaginations better set sail on this heroic adventure.

This is not the first book MacKenzie and Stead have worked on together. Previously they have released Jasper the Very Lucky Kitten and Brian the Field Mouse. And plans are also afoot for a Gentle George sequel in 2021.

Chris Stead also has numerous other children’s picture books available for parents. In particular, his beloved series The Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly is well worth exploring. This includes the holiday favourite, Christmas Chimney Challenge.

Where to buy Gentle George

Gentle George is currently available exclusively through Amazon. You can either order a paperback copy, or download a digital edition to read on Kindle. We’d love your feedback, so please be sure to review the book on Amazon once you have finished reading it. We hope you like it.

Chris Stead

Chris Stead is an award-winning author and editor with over 26-years of experience in the publishing industry. After publishing over 1000 magazines and launching a dozen commercial websites, fatherhood saw him turn his attention to the world of children's picture books and self-publishing. He now makes books for himself and countless indie authors around the globe.

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