My Birthday Cake Gets a New Home in Print

We’re very excited to share that we are launching new paperback edition and updated digital editions of one of our cutest books, My Birthday Cake Needs A New Home. You can get the paperback now for the bargain price of $8.99 and the Apple Books version for FREE!


The Biggest Birthday Cake EVER!

My Birthday Cake Needs A New Home follows the story of a little girl who has so much birthday cake left over after her birthday party that it doesn’t fit in her fridge. She decides that it’s up to her to find a new home for the cake and takes us with her as she tests out different options and scenarios to find the best solution.

Inspiration for My Birthday Cake

We’re big fans of humour in books here at Old Mate Media, and this book makes everyone giggle. I spoke to Chris about where this particular story came from and this is what he said.

“Children deserve to lose themselves in their books, much as we do as adults. I’m a big fan of literature that encourages a child’s imagination to flourish and lightens their hearts with a chance to laugh. It shouldn’t always be about morals and ethics. Kids can be kids and we, as parents, can celebrate it. So, this is a book I made for youngest of heart; children with a little sparkle in their eye and a cheeky grin on their face.”

Birthday Cake Bargains

We’re celebrating the launch of the paperback edition and the updated digital editions of the book with a special. From today, the 24th September until Friday 4th October, you can get the Apple Books Edition for FREE and the paperback for just $8.99. Please do also feel free to ask Amazon to price match the Apple Books freebie to get the Kindle version for free as well.

Grab My Paperback Copy

Grab My FREE Apple Books Edition

The digital edition is a fantastic one to pop on your phone for your kids. The bright images and minimal text make it really easy for the kids to flick through if you need to keep them entertained. It’s a great option (better than toy unboxing) whilst you are in a queue, stuck at swimming lessons or any of those other times when they are driving you mad.

Hardback Version of My Birthday Cake Coming Very Soon

We’ve hit go on the hardback edition of My Birthday Cake Needs A New Home. Now we are just waiting for it to move through the technology to arrive on the Amazon storefronts. It will be available very soon.

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