The Ultimate Nintendo Switch Gaming Guide is Out Now on Amazon

Nintendo Switch Gaming Guide Out Now

Veteran games journalist Chris Stead has released a Nintendo Switch Gaming Guide that has everything you need to know about the console; from Mario to Zelda, Pokémon to Inklings.

Nintendo needed a huge success story in March 2017. After its failure with the Wii U, a console that fizzled out of interest without barely making a bleep, the legendary company was looking like it had lost its mojo. Nintendo had to put everything on the line with its next console to revitalise gamer interest. As such, the Nintendo Switch was a gamble. A hybrid handheld-console that’s just as suited to a place beneath your TV as it is on public transport.

But it worked. In fact, the Switch is rather brilliant.

The response from gamers has been epic. The console is already well past the 55 million sales mark, putting it on course to pass the PlayStation 4 and become the biggest console of its generation. Who would have thought it possible just a few years ago?

One of the key reasons why the Nintendo Switch is resonating is because it has such broad appeal. The aforementioned mix of at home and portable gaming is part of that, but it’s also the broad range of fantastic video games. From the most grizzled of adults to the most innocent of kids, there’s something for everyone. It’s the true family console that wants you to play together.

To help young gamers, parents and those new to the Nintendo Switch universe find their way around this busy ecosystem, Old Mate Media has released the ultimate Nintendo Switch Gaming Guide.

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What is the Nintendo Switch Gaming Guide?

The Nintendo Switch Gaming Guide by Chris Stead covers everything you need to know to get started on the console. Regardless of whether you’ve yet to buy a Switch or if you’ve had it for years but want to find the next best games and peripherals to purchase, this buyer’s guide as you sorted.

Inside you will find a full review of the console and guides to all its main accessories, such as the Pro Controller. There’s also a dive into the Nintendo Switch Online service. But for many, it will be the 78 game reviews, including parent-friendly information, that will be priceless. It can help players get the right games for them and ultimately save money.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s even hundreds of cheats and tips to dive into, which will help you get started in your new video games on the right foot. It’s not called the ultimate Nintendo Switch Gaming Guide for nothing!

Buy the Nintendo Switch Gaming Guide on Amazon

Chris Stead’s Nintendo Switch Gaming guide is currently available exclusively through Amazon. You can purchase it as an eBook or download two print versions. One is in black and white, which we’ve provided at a cheaper price point as it’s not as expensive to print. The second is the premium colour version of the book. The content in all three versions is the same, so get whichever one suits your needs.

You can find the Nintendo Switch Gaming Guide and Old Mate Media’s other books at our shop.

About the Author, games journalist Chris Stead

Veteran gaming journalist Chris Stead has been writing about Nintendo’s consoles and games for 25-years. You may have seen his work as editor of Game Informer magazine, and before that GamePro magazine. Or caught his articles on Gamespot, IGN and countless more sites. In fact, his first magazine work was published in N64 Gamer when he was just 17.

After receiving countless phone calls and messages from friends, family and parents asking for advice about the Nintendo Switch, he decided to dump all his knowledge into one big guide. The Nintendo Switch Gaming Guide is the result, and it’s out now.

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