Old Mate Media featured in Manly Daily newspaper

Willy Nilly Stars in the Manly Daily

We have exciting news – a major Sydney newspaper, The Manly Daily, has published a write-up on Old Mate Media and Willy Nilly.

The Manly Daily servers the entire Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia, where I was born and raised. As such, it has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. This local voice frequently details the exploits of the region’s citizens and it was pretty exciting not only to be showcased with my latest book, but also to see my eldest two children in there as well. Can’t wait to whip that photo out at their 21st birthdays.

The story talked briefly about my decision to quit my role as editor of Game Informer, the fastest growing magazine in Australia at the time, to spend more time at home and to start Old Mate Media. It also spoke about my little star, Willy Nilly, and his first book, The Little Green Boat. Hopefully he will star again for his next book!

What is truly bizarre, however, is the photo they ended up selecting to run with the story. That is my office in the background there – and you can see some of the canvas prints of my books if you look closely, too. The photographer must have snapped 200 shots while he was there. So unless I turned out that in all the other 199 shots, one or two of the kids looked truly weird, this image seems like a strange one to pick. Why? Because I look like a serial killer… much to the amusement of my friends.

Anyway, here’s hoping for some more coverage in the future.

See the full story here.


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