Adam Nexus

Book Three

By: Nicholas Abdilla and Chris Stead

The Human clone Adam 10 was the first specimen to ever escape its artificial habitat and the EDN, a time-traveling vessel created by the Preservers. But the trouble started centuries before that historic event when Eldest, the spaceship’s leader, faced an unprecedented dilemma.

The earlier Adam clones keep taking their own lives rather than accept a life lived in captivity, an unprecedented behaviour among sentient beings. Each death was a failure; a blemish on Eldest’s impeccable record. As a first step, Eldest created an android caretaker to manage the Adams’ psychologies. But it would take many decades of close observation to find out the truth.

Eldest’s answer couldn’t have been further from what the Preservers had expected. And such prolonged exposure to a Human has caused the telepathic alien to begin questioning the grand plan. It seems there might be more to these lesser beings than first thought. Much more!

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