Big Book Week sale: escape to adventure with 50% off

Chris Stead
 | Updated May 16, 2021

Big Book Week sale: escape to adventure with 50% off

Chris Stead
 | Updated May 16, 2021

Old Mate Media is very excited to celebrate the 2017 Children’s Book Council of Australia Book Week. It's an annual celebration of all things books and reading. This year’s theme is Escape to Everywhere. We are going to celebrate with a sale on all our fiction books so you too can escape into a great experience.

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What is Children’s Book Week?

This wonderful annual event occurs in August each year. It involves schools, libraries, bookstores and families spending a week celebrating all things books and reading.

For parents, the book week costumes and parades are either a joy or a nightmare. It depends on your craftiness levels! For children there are always fun activities. The aforementioned parades, author visits and new books to discover.

And of course for authors and publishers, we watch eagerly for the announcement of the annual award: the Children’s Book Council Book of the Year.

How is Old Mate Media celebrating Children’s Book Week?

Here at Old Mate Media we are passionate about celebrating and encouraging the amazing adventurous spirits of children across the world. We create stories that engage children, foster their curiosity, drive their imagination and make us all laugh. Perhaps that's through the innocence of youth, or with a knowing wink.

To help you and your family escape into adventure this week, we are having a massive sale across all our fiction books. We're dropping the digital book prices by more than 50% to $1.99. This special will be available for this week only, ending on Saturday 26th August 2017.

Now all that’s left to decide is which book will be your first escape this week? You may also want to read up on how eBooks can be more awesome than print books.

What Books are on sale for Children’s Book Week?

Can You See The Magic?

By Chris Stead, illustrated by Els Dirickx

A young brother and sister can see magical scenes unfolding in the patterns of everyday objects, but their father does not believe it is true. So they set off across their farm together, and stumble upon all kinds of magical items as they try to prove to their dad there is magic before the sun sets. The iOS version features an incredible, interactive magical trick, too. You can watch it in action here.

Apple Books for iPhone and iPad
Amazon for Kindle

A Very Strange Zoo

By Chris Stead, illustrated by Antonela Cárpena

What could you create from rubbish and debris that's washed up on the beach? Enjoy this beautiful journey of a young inventor who creates his own animal friends to banish his loneliness. It all becomes quite  magical when his strange creations come to life. Featuring original hand-crafted art.

Apple Books for iPhone and iPad
Amazon for Kindle

The Little Green Boat

By Chris Stead, illustrated by Ronzkie

Meet Willy Nilly and follow his first big adventure as a simple beach outing takes an incredible turn to a secret island. When he finds a little green boat sitting on the sand, he jumps in and is washed to this magical place by a big wave. Where will it take him and how will he find his way home again? A print edition was also recently released.

Apple Books for iPhone and iPad
Also Apple Books for iPhone and iPad in Spanish
Amazon for Kindle

Follow the Breadcrumbs

By Chris Stead, illustrated by Ronzkie

Join Willy on his second adventure as he finds a creative way to bring the joys of feeding the ducks at the lake back home. But there’s a few things he didn’t consider – how will he get out of this mess?

Apple Books for iPhone and iPad
Amazon for Kindle

The Fastest Kid in the World

By Chris Stead, illustrated by Ronzkie

What will happen in Willy’s third adventure? He builds a billykart with his dad and tries coating the wheels with slippery soap to make it go faster? Watch the mayhem unfold as Willy becomes the the fastest kid in the world!

Apple Books for iPhone and iPad
Amazon for Kindle

My Birthday Cake Needs a New Home

By Chris Stead, illustrated by Naman Dave

After a massive birthday party, this very lucky little girl has too much cake left over. So where can this little girl hide this delicious cake so that her baby brother cannot eat it? And how much mess can she make on her quest without getting in trouble?

Apple Books for iPhone and iPad
Amazon for Kindle

Trouble at the Zoo

By Rita de Clerq and Chris Stead, illustrated by Jereon

This children’s picture book tells a wondrous tale of a mischievous little elephant called Tiny. He causes mayhem at the city zoo when she uses the keeper’s keys to unlock her cage and those of her animal friends. Brilliant for young kids with lots of great animal sounds to read.

Apple Books for iPhone and iPad
Amazon for Kindle

Adam Exitus: Book 1

By Nicholas Abdilla

Certainly not one for the children, Adam Exitus offers an amazing escape for parents after a unique and entertaining science fiction story. We can’t tell you too much about what happens, but as one reviewer said “[it] kept me glued to the pages to see what would happen next.” Rated five stars! You can also read an interview with author Nicholas Abdilla.

iTunes for iPhone and iPad
Amazon for Kindle

Where to Next?

We’ll be showcasing the books all week on our social channels, so if you are not already, please do follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Also be sure to let us know what you thought of the stories. It would be great if you could read why reviewing indie books is important. And if you have a children’s book in your mind, please read our guide to creating a children’s book and don’t hesitate to drop us an email. You too could become a published author!

Happy Book Week 2017!

Chris Stead

Chris Stead is an award-winning author and editor with over 26-years of experience in the publishing industry. After publishing over 1000 magazines and launching a dozen commercial websites, fatherhood saw him turn his attention to the world of children's picture books and self-publishing. He now makes books for himself and countless indie authors around the globe.

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