Day 12: The Woodland Christmas Ball

The book for day 12 our 12 Books of Christmas is The Woodland Christmas Ball by Ann Brady

the-woodland-christmas-ballAbout the Book

It’s winter time and all the Little Friends are getting ready to go to sleep. But first they are going to have a big party. Flora Frog gets everyone to tidy the clearing. Bella Bee polishes the mushrooms and Bennie Bug, Leah Ladybird and Betsy Beetle gather food to eat. Sammy Spider puts up cobwebs for the Glow-worms to hang from as they are going to light up the clearing with their tails. Godfrey Grasshopper sends Freddie Fly to ask Jenny Wren, Basil Blue Tit, Timmy Tortoise and Dora Dormouse to come to the party. And Annie Ant, Abby Ant, Alex Ant and Andy Ant are bringing their musical instruments to play so the Little Friends can dance. Of course, there is always one Little Friend who really looks forward to the Christmas Ball and that is Sarah Butterfly. She loves parties. Do you?

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The Woodland Christmas Ball Book Spread

About the Author

Ideas for my books come from anywhere and everywhere depending on what is happening around me. With the children’s picture books, I looked at what was happening with kids I saw when out, adapting what I observed into the stories I created, such as Woodland Christmas Ball.

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