101 best Facebook groups for children’s book authors and readers


101 best Facebook groups for children’s book authors and readers

The hardest part of self-publishing your book is marketing and finding an audience. Here are the best Facebook groups for authors.

If you’ve already self-published a book, then you are no doubt aware that writing the text and sourcing the images is the easy part – making readers aware of your book’s existence is where the hard work begins. There are plenty of places around the internet where you can begin posting about your book and trying to gain some traction and notice. Facebook groups are active, busy and public places to talk about your book and discuss the writing process with your peers. Below you will find some recommendations on how to interact with these groups, and also a comprehensive list of all the Facebook groups for writers we recommend checking out. Don't forget to like us while on Facebook, too.

Recommended protocol in Facebook groups:

  1. First things first; introduce yourself. Not only does this allow the group to welcome you, but can actually act as a useful way to introduce your existing books without the need to spam the board.
  2. Facebook groups are not – at least in theory – posting boards. They are communities. If you really want to make an impact, especially if you want to make a long-standing one, then you need to be part of that community. Like posts, comment, reply and be active. It sounds easy, but it requires dedication.
  3. If you sign up for a number of groups, you may want to be more choosy about which ones can send you notifications. You can toggle this through a menu in the top right of Facebook.
  4. Make sure you read the About Us section of any Facebook group as they all have small peculiarities and if you don’t follow them you will get yourself blacklisted in a hurry. If you have any questions or want to get “on-side” with the moderators, send them a message.
  5. No matter how tempting it is, do not spam a group with multiple links to your own blog or do your own book sale. Spread them out evenly, and try and contribute to other members’ posts in the interim.
  6. Be aware that most groups are for genres of all shapes and sizes and adult literature can take precedence over children's books.
  7. Don't just share your own work; if you find some a useful resource, or book, or guide, then share it to the community. For example, you could start by sharing this post #wink#

List of Facebook groups for children's book authors:

  1. The Write Life Community
  2. Calls for Submissions
  3. Indie Author Group
  4. Children's Book Reviews and Promos
  5. Indie Writers Unite!
  6. Rockin’ the Side Gig
  7. Smart Passive Income Kindle Group
  8. We Blog…A Blogging Community
  9. Blogging Boost
  10. Write On! Online
  11. Indie Writer Book and Self Promotion:
  12. Fiction Writers Group
  13. Children’s Authors and Illustrators on Facebook
  14. Writers Write
  15. Careful Cents Freelancers Club
  16. Writers Helping Writers
  17. The Literati Writers
  18. Creative Writing
  19. Author & Book Lover Discussion Group
  20. Indie Authors International
  21. Authors, Writers, Bloggers, Readers and Books
  22. Go Indie
  23. Author Meeting Place
  24. Authors, Agents, and Aspiring Writers
  25. Authors
  26. Marketing Ideas for Authors
  27. Authors Promoting Authors
  28. Aspiring Authors
  29. Writing
  30. Writing etc
  31. Where Writers and Authors Meet
  32. Author Exchange
  33. Writers' Group
  34. Kindle Authors Helping Authors
  35. Writers Like Writers
  36. Support an Author
  37. Women’s Writer’s Resource Group
  38. Women of Passionate Purpose
  39. Review Seekers
  40. Indie Writer Books and Self Promotion
  41. Christian Review of Books
  42. Christian Book Reviews
  43. CrossReads Authors
  44. Grace & Faith
  45. Christian Indie Authors
  46. Christian Book Pickers
  47. Christian Blogger Network
  48. Christian Networking
  49. Christian Writer’s Group
  50. Writing for the Spirit Christian Writer’s
  51. Christian Authors
  52. Christian Author Book Marketing Strategies
  53. Kickstart
  54. Christian Women Online
  55. Christian Women Bloggers Network
  56. Writing for Dollars
  57. Creative & Professional Writing Information Exchange
  58. Write Away
  59. Writing Buddies
  60. Writers' Group

List of Facebook groups for children's book teaders and authors:

  1. Free eBooks for Kindle, Nook and More
  2. Free Today on Kindle and Beyond
  3. Free Kindle and Nook Books for Readers
  4. Author 99cent Book Promotions
  5. 99 cent Kindle Deals
  6. Writers and Readers Unite
  7. Authors & Book lovers
  8. Readers and Authors Promotions
  9. Free Books R Us
  10. Free Books

List of Facebook groups for children's book readers:

  1. Old Mate Media (of course!)
  2. Great Deals on Amazon Kindle
  3. Book Giveaways
  4. All About Books
  5. KindleMojo
  6. We Love Books
  7. Books
  8. Books (links only)
  9. Books #2
  10. Books #3
  11. Passion for Books
  12. Crazy About Books
  13. Books Gone Viral
  14. Books, Books and More Books
  15. Nook & Kindle Readers
  16. Ready to Read
  17. The Literary Lounge
  18. Book Place
  19. Amazon Book Clubs
  20. Children's Books Daily
  21. I Luv Books
  22. Book Junkies
  23. Book Lovers
  24. Book Promotion
  25. CrossReads
  26. GNF Reader’s Group
  27. Christian Fiction Devourers
  28. Christian Fiction Gathering
  29. Free eBooks for Christian Readers
  30. The Book Club Network
  31. Christian Book Club
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