How to get a free IngramSpark title setup


How to get a free IngramSpark title setup

You're an indie author trying to self-publish your book, right? There are many costs to factor in and here we share some easy steps to save potentially hundreds of dollars in fees with IngramSpark.

Updated 21 April 2021

The more money you can save on the logistics of getting your book on sale, the more you can spend on important things like covers, design, editing and marketing. IngramSpark is an essential part of the journey for many authors self-publishing their book. When compared with KDP, IngramSpark offers a better range of trim sizes, and distributes into countries Amazon won't. Countries such as Australia.

Plus, according to the head of IngramSpark, they're a better choice for distribution into bookstores.

The problem is, IngramSpark has a hefty fee associated with its title setup. Then another fee associated with any revisions to your book. When we compared the pros and cons of KDP vs IngramSpark, this is hard to overlook. The title setup is the act of filing your book with their database and uploading your cover and manuscript. Revisions are those annoying moments of having to resubmit tour book, but they are almost guaranteed to happen.

Luckily, if you want a free IngramSpark experience, it is possible. What if we had the free IngramSpark coupon right here for you? As part of our ongoing series of free guides for indie authors, we have the answer below.

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Why would you want a free IngramSpark title setup?

That's an easy question to answer. Basically to save $49 to register your book and $25 per revision. These costs add up quickly with the many small changes you will make as you perfect your book. A free IngramSpark title setup is an easy opportunity to save a little money. There are two ways you can achieve this goal.

Method 1: Use special IngramSpark coupons for a free title setup

Reasonably frequently, IngramSpark coupons appear alongside special events that give you a free title setup. These special IngramSpark free codes also appear alongside conferences and expos. The best way to keep in touch with the latest code is to bookmark this page, or sign-up for our newsletter. Then we'll deliver the good news right to your inbox whenever a code is available.

Currently, there is no free IngramSpark coupon but you can get 50% off a title setup using the coupon below

Current coupon is 50% off a title setup = EXPERT

The London Book Fair will be on in June, which IngramSpark usually sponsors, so we'll keep a lookout for another coupon. Otherwise, another way to get a free title setup is by joining one of the associations below.

Method 2: Join an author/publisher network to get free IngramSpark title setup

Many of the major author and publishing networks have set up deals with IngramSpark to give discount coupons to their members. This of course is just one of benefits of joining one of these associations. ALLI Alliance of Independent Authors is one with a worldwide network. Here in Australia we have the Small Press Network  and they have done a lot with IngramSpark including the discount here. Plus, they host events like the Indie Publishing Forums great for indie authors.

Where to Next?

We hope this helps you save some money on your next book uploaded to IngramSpark. Who doesn't love a free code? Kindly leave us a comment if you were able to make use of this page. If you need help editing, designing, generating images or publishing your book, drop us a line. You can also find us on FacebookInstagramTwitter or LinkedIn. Before you go, don't forget to check our range of free publishing guides and check out our catalogue of books.

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