New tool: how to use Booko to help your indie author career


New tool: how to use Booko to help your indie author career

Today I discovered a new website called Booko that shows where your books are on sale. I’ll take you through some easy ways to use the tool to help you sell more books and promote yourself as an indie author.


What is Booko?

Boooko ( is essentially of data scraping site which searches the web sites around the world to help people find the cheapest price to buy a book or DVD. You can search using a title, isbn or author name. Then it will bring up all the mentions of your print book and the retail outlets (online) where it is available. You can also save titles to see when they go on sale. 

Using Booko To Check Distribution

The most obvious use for Booko is to check to see where your book is in fact on sale, and to check the price points for each retailer. Many authors add their books to IngramSpark with the goal of having a wide distribution and this allows you to see exactly where the titles can be found.

This is a screenshot of our hardcover book, Follow the Breadcrumbs, showing where it can be bought and the pricing. You can select the region you wish to view in the top right hand corner.

Using Booko as a Marketing Tool

As an indie author, you can of course make outlandish claims saying that your books are available to the 39,000 bookstores that use IngramSpark. And you wouldn’t be lying. But by using Booko you can make a more accurate claim. You can actually count the online retailers that are stocking your book. 

You can then use this to make more specific claims. Such as, available through 10 different UK retailers, six different US retailers and 25 more worldwide. Plus, if you are launching a new title, you can even include the links to those you wish to promote, potentially the lowest price in each region.

Using Booko for Specific Promotions

Booko can give you quick access to a series of links to use for specific promotions. Let’s say you are doing a blog interview with a UK blog. You can include the links to the UK retailers ready to go for the blogger. 

Or if you look at your social analytics and discover you have a strong audience in one country you can use that. You can highlight the country specific retailers in a video for socials. It's as easy as an Insta story, saying "if you're in Japan, grab this book from here."

Using Booko for Market Research

Finally, Booko provides a very useful market research tool. Pricing is always difficult to judge for authors and Booko allows easily scan the market. Simply pick 3-4 comparison titles and check their pricing across the world. This will give you a good indication of where to sit your book.

Where to Next? 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick view of this new tool I found. Note - we’re not affiliated with Booko at all. I just thought it was very handy. This is just one of the free indie author guides we have at Old Mate Media. The best way to keep in touch with new guides and special offers is to sign up to our author newsletter. Or you can find us on all the social channels, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and of course LinkedIn.


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