How to register your book in Australia


How to register your book in Australia

As an Australian author, registering your book helps increase its visibility to libraries and booksellers.


Where do you register your book in Australia?

In Australia, registration is done before publication through the National Library of Australia. The service is called the Prepublication Data Service (recently renamed from Cataloguing-in-Publication (CiP)). This is a free service available for all authors.


Library Bookshelves


Why is there a change from CiP?

Cataloguing-in-Publication (CiP) is now called Prepublication Data Service. Cataloguing in Publication referred to the catalogue entry printed in publications, which librarians would manually reproduce in their card catalogues. As libraries now share catalogue records online, they no longer need to be printed in publications.


What does the Prepublication Data Service give authors?

When books are registered for Prepublication Data Service, book’s details are made available to Australian libraries, library suppliers, and other members of the book industry for acquisition purposes.

The details shared include the book title, author and illustrator, ISBN, copyright information, the book’s subject matter, the target audience and Dewey numbers.


Is my book eligible for registration?

The majority of newly published books are eligible for the service. Authors must remember to apply before publication. And it’s limited to books published in Australia (even if printed overseas).

Audiobooks are not eligible, but ebooks are eligible. You can see a full list of the types of publications eligible for Prepublication Data Service here


Prepublication Data Service


What information do I need to register my book in Australia?

The Prepublication Data Service uses much of the same metadata used to register your ISBN with Bowker. Luckily you’ve got our metadata spreadsheet to keep it all together.

You will need to have handy:

  1. Publisher Details (including name of your imprint)
  2. Book Details
    • Title
    • Subtitle
    • Series & Edition information
    • ISBN (More about ISBNs here)
    • Format & Retail price
    • Publication date
    • Audience & Genre
    • Blurb (300 words)
    • Subject
  1. Information on the author/illustrator/creators
  2. Information on other formats


What are the steps to register my book in Australia?

Once you’ve noted all your information in your metadata spreadsheet, you can now apply for your Prepublication Data Service .

Step 1:  Go to the application page and select APPLY NOW.

Step 2: Complete the form and submit your application for the Prepublication Data Service.

Step 3: You will receive a confirmation email which contains a link to the Cataloguing Statement for you to print in your book.

Step 4: A prepublication catalogue record for your book will be generated. The prepublication record will become available on Libraries Australia and Trove within 48 hours.

Note: Applications used to take 10 days to process but under the new system, are now processed instantly. Therefore, once you receive your email confirmation, the process has been completed.

Step 5: Once published, it’s time to complete the process by depositing your published book with the National Library of Australia and with the relevant state deposit library. This is called Legal Deposit and is required under copyright laws in Australia for any published books in Australia (See Copyright Act 1968 for more info). For more information see Legal Deposit and Legal Deposit in Australia.

Once your books have been received and processed, National Library of Australia will upgrade your book's prepublication catalogue record to full cataloguing standards. They will also add the information that your book has now been published. The full record can be found on Libraries Australia and Trove.


What’s Next?

That’s it. Your book is now officially registered in Australia. A fairly simple process, to be completed before publication. After publication of course, you can still deposit your book with the National Library for your legal deposit. To learn more about legal deposits we have written a full guide covering legal deposits. We also have articles covering the process if you're publishing your book in Canada, the USA and the UK. Remember this is of course just one of our Indie Author Guides. Pop your email in the box to the right to sign up for our newsletter and stay in touch with our latest tips, info and specials for our author friends.

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