Six easy tips to improve your writing career in 2021


Six easy tips to improve your writing career in 2021

The new year is always a time for planning and renewal. An opportunity to start fresh. With that in mind, we bring you our top six tips to improve your writing career in 2021.

author book signing a great step to improve your writing career1. Write every day

This is so often said and is so hard to start. But it's oh so important. Writing an amazing book requires taking it seriously. If you can commit to a regular scribe time you'll be amazed what you can accomplish. Of course, you should find the best time that works for you. This may work out to three times a week and that's okay too, it will still improve your writing career. 

2. Find your tribe of fellow writers

Writing can be a lonely business, full of self doubt and insecurity. And it's something that those closest to you may not understand. So it's very important that you find your like-minded community. There are many Facebook groups for all different genres. There are also Google hangouts, local writing groups and many more options. Your writers block won't feel as bad when you can share it with your tribe.

3. Look for mentors that suit you

The saying 'don't reinvent the wheel' rings very true. The self publishing industry is a generous one and if you look you can usually find a guide to solve your problem. 

We write regular guides such as this one and collect them on our Indie Author Guide page. We also share tips, templates and information through our newsletter and on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Podcasts are one of my favourite sources of industry news, and we collated my favourites in our top 10 podcasts for indie authors article.

Be selective. Find those who resonate and listen and learn. Also don't hesitate to reach out, whether to us or someone else. You may just get the answer you need.

4. Create an author profile

I know you may not like this, but readers want to know about you. Yep, you. 

Have you written an author blurb about yourself? If you have, have you edited it recently? Have you got a decent photo of yourself? 

Readers love these windows into the voice behind the book. And it's even more important now in the world of social media. Making sure you have a solid author brand is a core element that will help improve your writing career.

5. Read, read and read some more

Another tricky one to fit in. Yes, I know I'm asking a lot. Reading in and out of your genre will improve your writing. You will see what trends are big and which are ending. Plus you'll pick up little things that work and don't work.

6. Embrace your writer mindset

Having the right mindset is key to success in any field. This is especially true when you are moving into a new career. I won’t go into detail here, but do read our article: Step 1 to Becoming an Author: Embracing the Right Writer Mindset.

Where to Next

There you have it. Six easy tips to help you improve your writing career in 2021. Of course there are many many more than this, but these are a good start. Don’t feel overwhelmed, pick one and work on that. As authors we often try to do all the things and lose focus. Keep it simple and you’ll get further. Remember, this is just one of our Indie Author Guides. You can stay in touch with these by signing up to our author newsletter or following us on any one of Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn

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